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Hi all,

Any recommendations on reputable alternatives to Google reviews that a) allow merchant to see customer comments/feedback and rating on overall SHOPPING/WEBSITE experience (not product reviews/ratings) and b) help with SEO rank.

We used to love Google Trusted stores because it provided great customer feedback/insight in addition to customer protection.  Unfortunately we've been very dissappointed with Google Reviews since transition from Google Trusted Stores (GTS). With GTS we were able to view customer reviews/comments to help improve our service. When we moved to Google Reviews we were no longer able to see our customers comments. We contacted Google who confirmed that you won't be able to see your reviews until you've reached 150 unique reviews, which is difficult to reach for small/medium businesses with less traffic. 

Thanks in advance for your input!

- Michael


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You can display your Google My Business reviews using Google Reviews & Rating Widget app. No need to reach 150 reviews.