Google Search Console - Product Pages are Crawled Currently Not Indexed

Google Search Console - Product Pages are Crawled Currently Not Indexed

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Hi, we recently added the sitemap to Google Search Console and realized that all most all of our product pages are not indexed in Google. I went through the details of the breakup and can see most of the errors as "Crawled but not Indexed". Can someone please help on this? Highly appreciable, as we are missing organic search traffic because of this.


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Looking at those screenshots, it appears the website is new? If so, give it a few more weeks at most and it'll index.

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Yes, the store is less than 3 months old. But, I thought I can do something proactively.

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Crawling is a major issue that many new bees are facing these days. For this, you need to wait. 

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Hello @Krish_V,


Google will usually take a few weeks to index a URL.


Up to 96% of many eCommerce sites can be hidden from your customer searches on Google, according to The Tennessian. This is called the indexing problem. Without getting the page indexed, doesn't matter how good the on-page SEO is, if Google does not index the page, customers cannot find the page on Google Search.


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Don't know if you're still experiencing this issue...


You can also request indexing for specific pages in Search Console.