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Google Search Console - Products Invalid - Rich Results Failed

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Google Search console is reporting error for ALL the products on my store since around Feb 13, 2019. Has some bug got introduced in Shopify code wherein the Rich Results markup is getting invalid set? Sharing couple of Rich Results Validator output to illustrate the issue -


Can someone please check and suggest solution because this has implications on overall SEO performance.


Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 8.42.54 PM.png

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I can see it's related to the Shopify Related Products feature at the bottom of the page:

related products.png

Looking at this line, there is no itemtype defined. From the schema documentation "But it's not all that helpful to specify that there is an item being discussed without specifying what kind of an item it is. You can specify the type of item using the itemtype attribute immediately after the itemscope."


Sometimes fixing one issue can fix a bunch of other errors.

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Thank for your explanation! Can you clarify for me as to whether this is an issue in the actual text editor (tinyMCE?) or with the theme markup?

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Sometimes Google could or couldn't recognize from your website and troubleshoots errors related to rich errors.

Rich results reports for your website are listed under the Enchancement section in the menu pane. You can look for separate reports for each rich result type.
Rich results are available only if

- Google finds rich results of that type in your property.
- The type is a supported rich result type listed.

If you don't see the report in your property and have implemented a supported type then see the Missing rich results .

The report consists of detail page and a summary page :

-The summary page shows valid terms on your site over time, table showing status, chart of errors and the description combinations that shows structured data items in each category.

- To see details about items in the specific category - click on the row in the summary page table.

>>The current error count should be zero. If you find warnings, they do not qualify your rich results but they can provide a reduced experience for your users.

>>Here is a simple process for fixing and prioritizing rich results issues -

1)Fix errors on the basis of number of affected pages. If there is spike in the error chart then look for the specific error in the error rows in the table.
Return to the issue detail page and click on the validation process. You will receive notifications regarding the same.
Continuing fixing the errors.
When all errors are fixed, remove the filter for warnings and focus on fixing the warnings.

2)Summary page - In the table, issue status is assigned to a specific item property, so that structured item can appear in the table multiple times

Click on the inspect icon next to the given URL in the table so as to run the URL inspection tool, which offers indexed, error details and a screenshot for the same.

Stay Safe.

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Your problem @Furi will likely be different. Most schema problems are not going to be in the text editor and exist either in the theme or apps used.

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