Google Search Console - Url Inspections fail ... help!

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Well, I'm back...I can't get my website crawled/indexed via Google Search Console.

To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing (wrong) in Google Search Console. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? I have recently been working on adding meta data on my website, none of the changes show up in Google yet. Hope anyone can clarify things and tell me what to do...

What I can tell you about my GSC so far:

  • 'Test Live Url' green for both properties
  • 'URL inspection' fails for both properties
  • sitemap.xml added to both properties 
  • only one property shows performance (info below)
  • I 'requested indexing' for both pages a while ago 

Property 1




Property 2






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There is a few things here ...

First of all it's important to understand that a www and none www version of your website is to properties. You link to: but the site is actually on (without www). The www-version redirect to none-www, so naturally there is no GSC or SEo performance from that. It is as it should be. So no worries there 🙂

From your screen shots I cannot see (bit small and blurry) if you set this up correctly. But check that.

For you appear to have at least 30 pages indexed in Google now.



Google Search Console is very often slow at updating data. So even after you fixed things it could take weeks or months before you see it in GSC. Do not worry about that. Look at the live results in Google and your webanalytics data. It's results that counts. 

In my experience the XML sitemap help very little unless you have proper internal navigation external links and the right content. 

One major problem with your site now is that many of your pages have no text. Google will see this as "thin pages" and may exclude them from indexing. Write some text on all of them. 

Also, right now there are very fe external pages linking to your website. If you get more to link to you Google is more likely to index all your pages, the link-authority is also a huge ranking-factor. 

So all in all - don't panic. Things don't look as bad as you may thing. Wrote some more content - especiall on pages without any, and get some links, then you are on your way.

And please just ask if there is anything else 🙂

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Not panicking @demib , especially after your latest message 🙂

Thank you for confirming that my site is perfectly visible on Google and the GSC setup is correct.

Two more question:

1. Do you mean with 'external pages linking to my website' simply that, for instance blogs or people I collaborate with, add a link to my website in whatever they share?

2. Should I be worried about 'redirect errors'?

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Good 🙂

1) Yes links from other websites to yours. Google look at those links as "votes of confidence". The more and better links you get the more authority you gain. And that is a very strong ranking-factor. 

2) No if the redirects reported are correct then it's fine. 

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Maybe a dumb question...but how do I know the 'redirects reported' are correct?

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Hi mate. I am having similar issues with both of my sites; bindidesigns and undaba

We were adding new products and even consider to change the theme for Dawn.

Now i have to spend my time into figure in out whats  the problem since our site got hit so bad! from having more than 1oo visitors to 10!!!! 2022-07-04_13-15-31.png2022-07-04_13-16-00.png


Any advice, help.. will be so appreciate it!





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