Google Search Console: URL is unknown to Google

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Hi all, I've been facing this GSC problem to get my site indexed on Google Search.


  • So my main url ( is indexed, but my page sections are not. 
  • I've submitted my sitemap, but the discovered url is always at 0.

Anybody can give any insights on this?

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Upon checking your website it has no  <meta name="robots" content="index, follow" /> every webpage.


You need to integrate this meta tags to your website.

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Hi where I do I put that code?
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You have to put that code to the homepage before end of </head>.

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Thank you so much sir this works 🥰

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Although it is good practice to have a the robots tag <meta name="robots" content="index, follow" /> this is not a requirement to getting your pages crawled and indexed by Google. The default action Google takes when assessing a site is to crawl and index unless you block the crawler in robots.txt (which Shopify does not allow you to do) or adding a <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />. So, this won't have an impact on indexation. 


The first and easiest thing to try is resubmitting your site for crawling in Google Search Console (GSC). In GSC, click URL Inspection in the left menu. Enter your domain name and Google will respond telling you the index status. Click the Request Indexing button and Google will put your site in queue to crawl. It could take a couple days, but check back in GSC in the Coverage report to see if the number of pages increases (you can also type site: into Google to see the pages that are indexed). 


There are some other potential issues with the way you are linking to your products. You are linking to product URLs that have canonicals pointing to different URLs. For instance, this product: is being used on your Shop Now page. But the URL is using a canonical tag that points to - basically telling Google that you want this second URL indexed. This gets pretty technical pretty fast, so I would start with the GSC index request above and see if that takes care of the indexation issue, then look at updating the products on your collection pages if that does not fix the issue.


Hope that helps. 



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Sorry, when you say the other pages are not indexed, on your dashboard...


Do you see something like this? (Where it is discovered but not indexed)

Image result for google search console discovered - currently not indexed



For Discovered- current not indexed or Crawled- currently not Indexed there are a few reasons why it ended up like that.

1. You changed the site URL structure recently

2. These pages are new

3. Too much duplicate content


Why this happens:

It cost Google compute resources to index every single page on the web, if it is new or if Google suspect that page is a temporary page, it won't index it immediately. If it has too much duplicate content (e.g. same or similar product description across all the products), Google sees no extra value ranking those pages.


Fixes for the above:

1. Submit all those pages individually 

2. Wait for a couple of days

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If Google is unable to reach your website at all, that is likely a networking error of some kind, and is something that your host will need to resolve.


They may have inadvertently blocked Google’s bots. I suggest contacting your host for assistance with this matter.

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