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I'm having SEO problems with my site. I launched my site on Christmas and getting zero traction on Google. I'm getting zero errors in my Google search console.


One major problem is that if I search my site's name on Bing and Yahoo, it's the number one search result, which makes sense since my site's name has relatively little competition, my site name is in the domain name, title, keywords, etc.


On google, if I search my site's name, it doesn't appear anywhere in the search results. I have no idea what the problem is.  I've tried to search for any problems - robots.txt, "no follow" directives, etc. , but I have no idea why Google isn't indexing my site properly. 

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Hey @Luce_1, is this a brand new site or did you migrate/redesign an old site? Did the domain name change? If it's brand new, you may just have to wait while Google begins to crawl and index your content. If you haven't submitted your sitemap to Google, you should do so now. Alternatively, if this was a redesign or a migration from another platform/theme/domain, it's likely that something related to technical SEO was overlooked (e.g., URL redirects, robots directives, etc). 


One common issue I see is people not verifying the correct "property" in Google Search Console. How many properties have you verified in GSC for this domain? All the data you want in GSC is stored in the property that exactly matches the URL in the address bar. So for example, if you go to Burton Snowboards website, the exact URL is (note the "s" and the "www"). So, for example, if your site is on HTTPS, you should have the following 4 GSC properties verified:

  • << this is where you'll find all the juicy info 🙂

Also, just out of curiosity, have you tried googling "" where yourdomain = your actual domain name? That will show you if Google has any of your pages indexed and if so, how many. 

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Thanks for the reply.  Yes, pages are showing up under on google (and they have for several weeks). 

I hadn't thought about the properties you mentioned, I'll look into that. 


Still, the fact that yahoo and bing have my site's name as #1 for that search term and it is nowhere to be found (not even page 18) on Google makes me wonder that something still is going on more than usual. 

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Hi Luce, what is your site name and URL?