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Google search engine rank woes

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I launched my site 3 weeks ago and while Google has indexed the majority of my site, I'm getting next to no relevant search results for relevant long and short tail keywords. Moreover, I'm in a space that is not highly competitive, so while I don't expect to be on page 1 of search results for short tail keywords immediately, I would expect to see my site to be at least somewhere in the results by now. Even if I search my site's name, it is not appearing anywhere in Google's results. 

My thoughts: 

(1) Before launching, I had a "no index, no follow" directive on my site, so perhaps this hasn't been flushed out of Google's search results. Maybe it takes more than 3 weeks after a site has been indexed to show up in search results, particularly if there once was a "no index, no follow" directive on the site? That is, maybe the "no index, no follow" that was on my site before launch has delayed indexing?

(2) I'm getting zero errors in my Google search console for the site, but I am getting a warning about blocked pages from the robots.txt file. I doubt this has anything to do with it because these are the standard "cart" like pages that Shopify's robots.txt file blocks, plus, my competitors who rank high in Google's search results have the same Shopify blocked pages. I doubt this has any effect, but is there anything with the robots.txt file that could be blocking search results?

(3) Backlinks. I've worked a lot on backlinks to the site in social media in the last several weeks. My Google search console shows only 1 backlink (external link) to the site (with 1,000's of internal links) - does Google need to verify several external links before the site is deemed legitimate?

Any other insight besides patience?

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Hi Luce, I couldn't find your domain as you haven't mentioned in your profile. 

If you have already a GSC account then your website must have been indexed till now. Please check your robots.txt file and make sure that all those pages which you want to show to users like your home page, products page, about us, contact us etc aren't blocked. 


Once you check these then make sure if by any means that noindex, nofollow directives are still in place on your pages. 


Check if your website has enough content (unique and informative).


Lastly you can render your pages as Googlebot in your GSC accounts and try to find out how google sees your websites pages. After rendering you can even ask google to index those pages and normally google do this in less than 24 hours. Also make sure your website load speed is good and you have optimized the website for better on-page signals. 


Best of luck with your website's optimization. 

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