Google search results listing not great

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I am talking about what you see when you type in the name of your store.
When I do this for mine Google ignores my meta description and puts up random phrases from my website. Like the name of a blogger or one item that is on sale or the name of a couple categories. It will use Contact Us and other randome things.
I would rather it say what we are about in a bit of a sales pitch and then list my major categories.
I've noticed on some big brands their result is very good but on other it also sucks.
Is there a way to control this or are you stuck with whatever the algorithm comes up with for your shop?

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Check the meta description tag is in the HTML correctly.

If that's all good, then you could try a different one every couple weeks, request re-crawl and then see if one sticks.  

Google algorithmically replaces ~60% of the time anyway. There's even so much you can do.

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If you have a business, you may need to appear at the top of Google when people search for specific keywords. Keep in mind that setting keywords in the keyword does not always mean that it appears in the upper part of the ad. If other people are willing to spend more on their clicks, it looks like something is shorter or less visible. It is also important that your landing page and ad text match the keyword you want to target to your ad Quality Points Google provides information on this. According to Google, "high-quality scores often result in lower costs and better advertising positions."

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Hey @Mike3308, what you are looking for is called the Meta Tag (a.k.a. meta description) for your page. This is what tells Google results what information should be included in the description of the webpage. Google's algorithm is constantly trying to give its users the best results and will often choose something from the webpage that best meets the intent of the search query. This often works in the website's favor but not always. 

There is a great article about Meta Descriptions on Shopify's Help Page that can help you add these to your store. This should help fix what you are currently seeing, but Google may choose to show something other than what you set.

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