Google Search Results Showing Code not Meta Field data

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Hi, when searching via product barcode in Google we are getting code instead of the meta description?


this is the product but it happens on all of them, has anyone else encountered this?


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After the update google is showing strange results for some queries. Even I've noticed similar things.

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There can be various reasons why Google won't show updated titles or meta descriptions.

> URL hasn't been crawled since the changes were made.
Request Google to recrawl your URL. You can submit the full sitemap if you've changed a lot in Google Search Console.
However, there is no timescale for the changes to be shown on Google. You can use the URL inspection tool on Google Search Console to see when the URL was last crawled.


> Google has recrawled the page and decided that the description doesn't describe what's on the page

Mostly Google shows different meta descriptions as they think that their snippet is better than what you provided. If your meta descriptions aren’t doing a good job of helping users to get the right content, Google might show something different.

You can't force Google to use your meta description or title. If the URL has been crawled and you're still seeing no change, you may consider rewriting the meta description and seeing if that works.

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