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I'm looking for some help with our Shopify store and possibly a SEO expert to work on our site.
I submitted the site to Google Search + Have updated -- The main home page was excluded from Google. 

On searching it also shows 

No information is available for this page.

I was suggested to delete the Geolocation/Currency on Shopify -- I dissabled both of them (not deleted)

And its still showing excluded after waiting a few weeks for google to re-crawl. 

There are no errors showing - only Excluded which is my home page. 

Does anyone have any advice / know anyone who may be able to look into my site/code and find the issue to allow Google to crawl properly and the site to display in Google.
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I have a friend that does SEO work, what is your budget for this project?

There's no meat in this?
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Reply with the homepage url and I'll take a look at it for you.