Google SERP New Featured and how to get it?

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Hi Guys,


I couldn't find this question asked before, so here it is.


I've recently started seeing frequent Google search results that show multiple images as visible in the screenshot.


However, when I test the pages with the Google Rich Snippet Tool, it doesn't seem to be a rich snippet.


Do you know how I can get Google to display these images?


Thanks in advance


Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-08 um 15.26.26.png

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Hello @Burak3,

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Google image results may appear in addition to organic search results. They show in the SERP as a single row of images pulled from the top-ranking results for the searched keyword in Google Images.

Google Images can be another source of traffic to your website that you don’t want to miss out on. You have to optimize your images for Google Image search!

> Make sure that your images are of good quality and appealing.
> Don't add too large files. Optimize images without losing image quality.
> Add good quality and SEO-friendly alt text, caption, image file name, and description for the images.

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