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Hello, I am writing here to ask about Google Shopping product uploads.

Currently, we are uploading products in Shopify via the Content API to our Google Shopping campaign.

Shopify has informed us that most of our products have been uploaded, but some 20% are not being uploaded because of the number of barcodes.

However, there are some products in the same category that have the same number of bar codes but are not uploaded.

What should I do with these products?

to summarize,
The same kind of product + the same number of bar codes> It is divided into the product to be uploaded and the product which can not be uploaded.

If I try to upload and edit it in Excel, is it okay to upload it even if I do not fill out the Google Shopping Variant?
Because most of the products currently uploaded to Google Shopping are not tagged.

We have not been able to resolve the same issue for several days. I would appreciate your help.

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A variant should only have one barcode. A product can have multiple variants and hence multiple barcodes. Each barcode should be unique given that's what barcodes are intended for.


What error exactly are you getting? Also include a screenshot.

If you have more than 10 products, I would not use a spreadsheet as it's unnecessarily time-consuming to manage. Google Spreadsheets is more reasonable as it can auto-fetch at schedules.


For help with using the barcode field to optimse your Google Shopping feed, this chapter on Shopify feed optimisation will interest you.

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Thank you for your reply.


But what I'm curious about is not the definition of a barcode.


There are over 1000 products on our site and we are automatically uploading feeds in conjunction with Google Shopping Campaign and Shopify.

And, in the Google Shopping Campaign, I'm uploading using the Content API.


Is it appropriate to contact Shopify about this?



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Shopify won't help you because it's taking place off Shopify. We use the Google Shopping app with our clients to get product into their Google Merchant Centre. It's better and make sure you can see what errors are happening right inside Shopify. Always make sure you are using UPC for North America and EAN for Europe products if you have numbers in your barcode. Something approved today can be disapproved tomorrow... we see this happen with clients. This goes for products in Shopify or in Google Merchant Center.

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In certain niche manufacturers for example clothing, one bar code is assigned to multiple products by the brand. When they do this, it causes issues with Google as they require each submitted product to have a unique bar code.


In this cases like these you can not submit these products.


If the product does not have bar codes, then do not submit brand, mpn and GTIN, and set identifier exists to the value no.


Mix and matching different feeds is not recommended as it is easy to make a mistake, such as submitting duplicates and then get permanently suspended due to double serving.


In your case, why are you having multiple products with the same bar code? Have you checked the packaging if these are accurate. As multiple products having the same bar code, is rather rare.


Hope this helps.


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