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Google Shopping and internal barcodes

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How are other people handling internal barcodes generated for product inventory? We are still new to Shopify and I installed Barcode Man and it seemed to work just fine for my needs of printing labels based on numbers that we assigned to our products for barcodes but Google Shopping did not like those numbers at all because they were not official GTIN and disapproved all of our items. We do not have official GTIN for our products and only use the barcode field for internal purposes. I have had to empty the barcode fields for all of our products and Google is now crawling our products again and hopefully we can get back to marketing them soon. 

What are my options for using internal barcodes? Can I create a custom field for that data? If I can use a custom field then what barcode software would allow me to map that custom field to their system instead of the "barcode" field?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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