Google Shopping custom fields not available in Shopify product admin?

Google Shopping custom fields not available in Shopify product admin?

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Hello, I am trying to filter products in Google Shopping Ads. I would like to use custom labels, but I can't find where to add them in the shopify product admin page. When I go to an indivudual product, I can't find where to add values to custom labels?


Second, There is a bulk editor for products. When I go to the Google & Youtube app and select manage products, from the overview tab, in the products status area. But the list of products that shows, has no search feature and going trough 3500 products by going trough the list, page by page, 100 products per page is pretty tedious. Is it possible to have that bulk editor show a search field? Then I could also add custom labels for the shopping feed in the bulk editor.


And finally, if I add values to custom labels, will they get trough to merchant center and google shopping ads?

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Hi @VincentNL,


Shopify used to have a popup that would display the Google Shopping fields, including the custom labels, but it was removed a while ago.


Google Shopping fields (including Custom labels 0-4) are stored as product metafields within Shopify. One way to make them visible on the Shopify admin product detail pages is to add a metafield definition for each of the labels. To do this you would need to open up the Shopify admin and:

  1. Go to Settings -> Custom data
  2. Click on Products, then choose Add Definition
  3. Enter the following:
    • Name: Custom label 0
    • Namespace and key: mm-google-shopping.custom_label_0
    • Select type: Single line text
  4. Make sure the 'Definition pinned' button at the top is selected and then click on Save

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 3.34.03 PM.png



Now, if you go to a product page in the Shopify admin, you'll see the metafield for the Custom label 0 displayed at the bottom of the page. You can repeat the process for custom labels 1-4 so you can view and edit each label directly for an individual product in the admin.


Once you edit the product in Shopify it may take a day or two for that data to sync to Shopify if you're using the standard Google Shopping sales channel app.


Unfortunately I'm not aware of a good way to edit these in bulk though using the Shopify admin. I did help develop the Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app though which lets you quickly edit Google Shopping fields (among others).


You can do a whole range of things like "Set Custom label 0 to be the name of the vendor for products with a price > 10". It's also possible to export/update this data from a spreadsheet and undo the edits if you've made a mistake.


Happy to answer any other questions about Google shopping data/metafields if you have them.





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Thanks Daniel,


for a shop with smaller turnover, shopify is somewhat overwhelming in the number of apps you need to/can add and the cost of them all. So thanks for the suggestion of the app with even more features. But I have to save and go for the settings solution. Which I implemented and works great! Now waiting for the product to transfer from GMC to Google Ads and off I go with shopping ads.

Thanks for your advice! very much appriciated!

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Hi, can I use the List of Value option for such fields? My case is this: we sell bouquets, and each of the bouquets consists of a list of flowers that are included. That is, one bouquet can consist of 5 types of flowers, like Roses, Hydrangeas, etc. And there are more than 30 of them in total. Obviously, 5 fields are not enough to transmit all these parameters. Is it possible to add 5 parameters at once in one field, for example, Custom label 0, so that I can then sort and group products by them in the merchant center? Or perhaps there is another way to perform this task? 

Thanks a lot for the answer.

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You can add the custom labels in the shopify admin page settings.

Here are some simple steps which you can follow -- Go to Shopify Settings --> Custom Data
- Click on 'Custom Data'
- Then click on 'Products'
- And after that click on 'Add Definition'
- Now under Name, fill out the name of the custom data you want to add
- In namespace and key, fill out the necessary data.
- Fill out the description with the details of the attribute you want to add.
- And finally you can choose 'type' as single line text.
- You can click on that option on the top right 'Definition pinned' and then save it.


Best Regards,
Team Adnabu

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