Google Shopping - daily impressions are too low

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Hello everyone, I would like to ask you for help with Google Shopping. I set it up well with help of people from here and Google Ads Support.

The problem is - I have 22 products and they only have from 10-15 impressions per day. Is that common in the beginning or not?

We sell yoga fashion - and the products are in the Yoga Accessories category in Google Shopping. Might that be a reason for so low impressions? Shall I move those products into Apparel & Fashion category in Google Shopping?

Or is there another reason for that?

Thank you very much, Martin

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Hi Martin,

I published a book this week on Google Shopping for Shopify. It's free. In it, I cover all the things to consider to increase your impressions or clicks.

Your Google Product Category can affect impressions. I wouldn't expect it to be a major influencer though. The biggest things to consider are your keywords in the titles and bids.

You will find impressions are throttled in the first week a product is approved in Merchant Center.

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Make sure that the data feed information you submit is accurate and complete. For example adding sizes, colors to apparel products is recommended and in some cases required. A good tip would be to check the data feed requirements here :

Improving the data feed quality, will increase the ranking and thus has an impact on available impressions and reduces the CPC.

Once you have improved the data feed, consider increasing the CPC.

Hope this helps.


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Your product title and description could be why you have such low impressions. I would look at your bids as well.. that is a factor most miss out on. If your bids are to high, it'll eat up your budget and make your ads show less often.

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Hello Martin,
One of my client had the same problem though the merchant is selling cosmetics products via Shopify website after doing some changes in his website product content and titles and google merchant center product feeds with correct ad setup and detailed optimization the monthly sales went up from$270 to $900+ in span of 4 months 

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