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Google Shopping Issues

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I am in the process of adding Google Shopping, but it keeps telling me my barcodes are not valid. I used the shopify barcode generator and on that end its fine. But nothing I do makes Google happy. I even tried doing it again and replacing the barcodes to see if would make Google happy. But it didn't. Someone suggested turning the field to false and that also did not work. Help, anyone deal with this and know how to fix it. Thanks

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I'm having the exact same issue. Following for a solution

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Hi @NaturingRelax ,

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@NaturingRelax If you're selling products that Google recognise as having globally recognised GTINs then you'll need to use those in order to get rid of the errors.  eg if you're selling a pair of Nike trainers you need the official barcode for those trainers and not one you generated from Shopify.  

If they're not products with globally recognised GTINs then you should be able to remove the barcode and be ok.  However, if you set the 'identifier_exists' to FALSE but then still provide a GTIN that will also cause an error.  You can try to not include a value in the 'identifier_exists' field (leave blank) and remove the barcode, and that should get round it.  

Hope that helps.


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