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I am looking for recommendations for someone to help us manage our Google Shopping account through Merchant Center.  We a re a small family business and just don;t have the bandwidth or the skill set to manage effectively.

Does anyone have an expert they have had good results with?

Thank you!


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The way I hire someone, if I was in your shoes, is to see how their public footprint is. Meaning, do they know what they are talking bout. What kind of videos do they have, etc.

So I would for every manager you see, do a bit of background check prior to hiring.

For example you can search for Google Shopping Specialist

I'm a Google Shopping Specialist and a Google Product Expert Education Award winner, a Google Ads Diamond Product Expert, and also a Google Premier Partner.
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Hi Michele 

When talking about building campaigns, Google Shopping campaigns are a little bit different compared to the traditional Search & Display campaigns. Google Shopping campaigns demand more information and steps in order to get them active and working, but the results are well worth the efforts. Once you have already created your Google Merchant account, here is a look at the process:

  1. Create your first feed of products.
  2. Provide information about your products such as product IDs, title, description, product category and type, availability status, product link, price, etc.
  3. Upload the feed to your Google Merchant Center account.
  4. Remember to always keep the product feed with all the information updated or your campaigns will stop running.
  5. Login to your Google Ads account.
  6. Link your Google Merchant Center account with your Google Ads account.
  7. Click on “Campaigns”.
  8. Add a new campaign by clicking on the “+” symbol.
  9. Select Google Shopping as the new campaign type you want to create.
  10. Fill in the preferences and you are good to go!

If you need more help to run your Google Ads, you can optimize and automate your Advertising campaigns with our Google Ads and Shopping app for Shopify. It's free! Don't hesitate to ask us any question. 


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We have been set up as a Google Merchant for years, and utilize a feed.
What we need assistance with is bid modifications and adjustments on a
routine basis.