Google Shopping, only listing the first variant

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Running into a new issue now with the Google Shopping app. 

It will only list all variants/sizes if they have a unique picture. 

In our case we might have for example a t-shirt in the following 4 variants:

Size S 0 stock

Size M 1 stock

Size L 0 Stock

Size XL 1 stock


So in total we have 2 items in stock for this product, however the Google Shopping app and Google itself will only look for the first variant and determine we have zero stock of this product.

Anyone running into the same issue who has a fix for this?

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I would like a reply ont his also. It seems to be an issue that yet to be addressed. I've seen another post with a similar inquiry that was closed with no response from anyone. 

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The Google Shopping app has many limitations. There are several things you cannot influence. I recommend you pay to use something like DataFeedWatch even if you get a few sales through shopping.

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Hi All,

Andrew from ShoppingFeeder here

The Google Shopping App by Shopify is very limited. I would recommend using a feed management tool like ShoppingFeeder to overcome problems with listing variants on Google Shopping. 

In the case of ShoppingFeeder you can use the OneLimited plan for $11.99 to list an unlimited number of products on Google Shopping. 



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Hi Andrew,

I appreciate the advice, but I feel that with every basic functionality I am told to get a (paid) plugin. I might end up using yours eventually, but still I think this is something that should be addressed by the Shopify team themselves and would like to hear from them if and when they are planning to fix this bug.

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Have you heard anything pertaining to this? As I was wondering the same thing. Mostly only imports 1 varient to Google Shopping... Thanks

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It's very difficult to add attributes via the Google Shopping API, and you'll probably have better luck with a dedicated feed platform like Feedonomics, which lets you create custom labels, custom attributes for age group, gender, and others. Feedonomics is also full-service, so you can concentrate on increasing your store's revenue instead of worrying about the feed.

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Alongside the fact that this issue has been around since the start of shopify, it is poor that the google shopping feed is not updated still. This really needs fixing. = Essential Oils UK
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Hi there,

anyone found a solution for this yet?

I have the exact same problem.

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The solution I posted 3 years ago in 2017 is still the way to solve the problem/limitation.

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