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I run a one-man operation that does 200K in annual sales among Shopify, Amazon and Etsy. I use Google Shopping and Amazon Sponsored Products, but they are in full auto and I know it's an untapped growth opportunity to get in there and optimize the ads. I want to pay somebody to handle this, but of course the companies that show up on a Google search are for high rollers only.

Leads or info about your experience with this is greatly appreciated!

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Hi, Derek!

My name is Giada, I am with the Support Team at Shopify!

Working at Shopify I have spoken to lots of merchants whose businesses have grown to the point that they needed to hire people. For the type of work you are looking to have someone do, though I haven't used this website myself, I have heard amazing reviews about the website Upwork - Upwork is a website where you can hire Freelance workers to do specific jobs for your business. I found an article called The 15 Best Freelance Websites To Find Jobs that has a list of Freelance hiring websites as well.

Congratulations on your amazing growth! 

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Hi Derek,

I've been doing profitable Google Shopping campaigns for the last three years. I'll share my favorite Google Shopping setup strategy with you so you can analyze for yourself how effective it would be for your business.

Setting your campaigns up this way normally takes profitability, traffic and control to a whole new level.If you're interested in talking, let me know.

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Hi Derek,

I do a ton of Google Shopping work for clients, so let me try to help you find exactly the type of help you need. Here are three different services:

  1. Product feed optimization: are you providing the required and recommended attributes, have you optimized product titles?
  2. Campaign optimization: are you happy about the keywords your budget is being spent on? Are you controlling spending based on category/brand/product level?
  3. Bidding: how much can you afford to pay for a click? If yuo're going to use a tool for this, make sure you agree on clear targets to the table to test their promises. I've heard too much Machile Learning nonsense so I'm skeptical by default.

For help with 1, check in with the providers of data feed management tools (since you're running Shopping & Amazon ads I assulme you're using one of them). They see a lot of feeds and can help you out for sure.

For help with 2 you need someone (or a team) that has been focused on Google Shopping. I've seen a lot of smaller digital marketing agencies that do Shopping. But that aren't taking things further than a single product group with different bids.

For help with 3, make sure you've got #1 & #2 down. Then you can start to really scale things (by getting your bidding down). - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice