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Google Shopping - Selling to Multiple Countries (from UK)

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Hey everyone,

I'm slightly overwhelmed with selling in multiple countries on Google Shopping, so many websites are saying different things that contradict each other, so a bit of help is greatly appreciated! 

Here's my current scenario:

- I'm currently set up in the UK on Shopify.

- The products I'm selling are relatively niche in the UK, however, according to Google Trends, I see a massive untapped potential outside of the UK - especially outside the EEA.

- I'm familiar (ish) with Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads etc. And was recently using the Google Shopping app from shopify to sync my products from my website to Google Merchant Centre in the UK only.

- Now this was working great, but now I'm looking to sell in multiple countries.

With the Google shopping app using a Content API feed, I can't create another target country of sale - because from what I understand, its designed for that one country.

Google says:
"Due to the nature of the Content API, items will not be replicated for multiple countries within a single feed. If you want to submit your Content API product data to multiple countries, you must create multiple input feeds with the new target countries and languages."

Q1: When Google says "multiple input feeds" do they mean multiple Content API feeds or Multiple "other" feeds? because there is no option to use another content API feed when shopify's content API was already connected..

If it is other feeds, like file uploads and fetching etc, I'm going to have to use other apps to convert my shopify feed to their Google shopping format, as I'm looking for automation.

I used "Google Shopping Feed" by AdWords Robot on the shopify app store to sync my products via fetching, it worked and they're cheap, but they provided very limited customisation, I also don't fancy writing long ugly codes in my product tags just to modify some google attributes - which also cant fix my sale products, they were uploaded with the [reduced-from] price as the main display price, not the actual lower [sale_price], and there was no way for me to edit the attributes to change the [sale_price_effective_date] in order to actually show the [sale_price] as the displayed [price]. Plus their overall UI was unappealing and outdated.

Q2a: Would adding custom feed rules in each country to change the [sale_price_effective_date] in Google Merchant Centre work? (if so it's a long workable work-around..)


Q2b: With that in mind, what other "feed apps" do you guys recommend that's a lot faster and smarter? for prices normal folk can afford, and functionality in creating feeds for multiple countries.

Lastly and most annoyingly - Google CSS (Google Comparison Shopping Services)😅 where does this even come into the equation? I read on an article that being in Google CSS won't let you advertise outside the EEA and I need to "Remove it" 😂 but surely removing it won't let you advertise on Google at all?

Q4: Can you advertise shopping ads outside of the EEA (for example Australia) with Google's CSS active on the merchant centre account?

Thanks in advance for answering (or slating) these noobie questions!

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Hi, I see you asked the same question on Google's Community and already gotten a great answer from Celebird. If other members of the public would like to know the reply:

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