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Google Shopping - where to start for paid listings?

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I have setup the Shopify Google Shopping app/channel and have configured it so my products are displaying at the free level. I am hoping to add a paid campaign and years ago I did this manually for a Woocommerce site. It seems that the Shopify options are too simple. Am I correct in assuming that it is an "all or nothing" setup. That is I have to enable shopping for all products? Also can I specify a budget for each product/collection?

If I'm right can you point me in the right direction to get both free and paid shopping campaigns working? Will I need to explore how to do this manually or is there a recommended third party app that provides more flexibility?



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Depending on the app you are using, some you can disable manually, some you can use rules, some are based on collections etc...

Best to check the documentation of the app you are using as each is different.

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