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I have about 450 products and most of them are not finding their way onto the top 8 (I think 2 products are).  One of my competitors has an enormous feed of about 2500skus and another competitior has a low amount-smaller than mine.  Both of them show up in that top 8 but mine don't. 

I know I import my products correctly because I have a feed manager.  Merchant center isn't showing problems.

I get about 14 clicks a day and 0-1 sale at the most. 


How can I troubleshoot?

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Check your diagnostics in Merchant Center that products are all live. Next, check the impression share in AdWords of the products to see what impressions your products are getting for what they could receive. This is a column metric you can add to your reports. If the percentage is low, one thing you can do is increase your bids to get more of the share.

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Your competitors are likely bidding a higher CPC than you, or they might just have more conversion data which increases their quality score. How long have you been running the campaign? It will take at least 3 weeks to really start moving.

Use the bid simulator to see if you should increase your CPC bid. Consider doing bid adjustments for higher converting areas or devices.

I'd recommend setting up Google reviews—when your customers purchase, Google will reach out to them for a review, and that will help your quality score.

I find AdWords support really useful when I call them with general questions like this!