Got 3 facebook ad purchases the first 3 days, then no sales. It's been a week. Help ?

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I tested 5 different audiences, 2 creatives each and a daily $25 budget. One ad set became profitable on the 2nd day. I got 2 sales and then another one the next day. My ROAS was excellent. I left it running at the same budget but killed the other ads since they didn't perform at all. It's been 4 days since I haven't received any sales. It's as if all of a sudden the ad just died. Also, no more add to carts. The audience is 48 million so I doubt that's an issue. What should I do next? Try new creatives ?

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I would say there might be several option on what to do next:

First, and the most important for you would be deep dive into understanding of your ads and store analytics - meaning, how much clicks you have on ad, how many clicked on the product (store analytics). I am sorry to say that, but your post and our answers might guide you to some direction, but will not solve you bad conversion rate problem. It is all about hard work to understand right target audience, efficiency of the ad (visuals, text etc.), store SEO and much more. So dig into it 🙂 

Second, check about your set max budget on Facebook ads, for example, if you have put limit of 50$ then your ads will stop running after 50$ spend. Maybe this is the case for you?!?

Third, have google analytics connected to you store (if not already), this will help you to see & analyse the funnel, where potential customers are going and dropping and much more.

Finally, maybe ads are working great, but your store is not customer friendly, meaning CX is bad. By that I mean, for your customer it is difficult to make a purchase - difficult to find needed information, like shipping & return costs; or too many extra steps from product selection till purchase & therefore customers change their mind during those many steps ( can't see your store as you did not provide like, so just a speculation on typical CX errors).

Hope this helps a bit,

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there're more ways you can do. 

  • What's the learning phase of the ads? If you've started with the ads it always takes some time before they learn and get optimized. 
  • What objective are you using? Conversions? If you don't get enough purchases, the learning phase will take longer. You can try optimizing for another conversion event - let's say add to cart - which is higher in the funnel and therefore you might get more of these conversions events - faster learning (you can than see in the report how many purchases you got). 
  • What's the expected CPA for your purchase? Just asking if the budget is enough for a day. 
  • When you start running ads, Facebook's algorithm seeks for the most cheapest conversions, so yeah, it happens that at the beginning everything looks great - you get purchases and have low CPA an high ROAS. However, then the performance gets worse. 
  • It also depends on the attribution model you use - the default settings in 1-day view and 28-day click- So, some of the purchases might be coming in the following days. 
  • Check your audience - is it relevant enough and the creatives relate to the audience? What interests, behavior, age group etc...are you using? Or are you using custom, lookalike audiences? 

So, as you see there are many things to consider. Btw. Facebook ads are a lot about testing - so don't be afraid of testing and remember that the ads need some time to get optimized. 

If you would like to discuss it further, let me know.

Hope the points will help!


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Hi @Dharma91!

You can also try developing Google Ads campaigns, I think it will help you increase the number of quality visits to your site. If you are not very familiar with this tool, you can try this app Google Ads & Google Shopping (Over 1200 reviews), where they will develop Google Ads campaigns for you in an automatic and optimized way. They have a free version, which I think you could use to start.

I hope it has helped you and with this you will be able to increase your sales. If you have any other questions, contact me without any problem! :D.


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Hi @Dharma91 

If you got sales after running ads then I think the issue is on your website, your store should get more traffics, and then, it will get more sales. 

To get more traffic, I'd recommend these methods below:

Also, this article: How to Convert Traffic into Sales for Shopify stores? would be useful for you.

Hope it helps!

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I am working with App that works on Automating the Fb Ads campaigns. Learning from experience, i might have some clues what might have happened to your campaigns.
1. You are targeting wider audience. Try to narrow down your audience size. For example, create look-a-like of your store visitors who have visited product page X no of times. Fb AI will gather information about such people and will find people with similar interests and characteristics. e.g A person have visited an i-phone product 5 time. Then show fb ads to people who have shown interest in i-phone even on some other e-commerce site. 
2. Create Re-targeting campaigns such as cart abandoners and past purchasers.

3. Upsell and cross-sell to your  most valuable customers. (It Usually depends on your use product niche)

If you have experience managing ads by yourself do it manually or try some shopify apps which will do it for you.
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