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Got Traffic? No Sales?

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This seems to be a recurring topic here.

Anyone can create a store. And there's an endless amount of products found online.

But not all whip out the ol credit card the moment they find your site. Why is that?

Trust. With so many stores online, you either need to have a unique offering, incredible prices, or a brand.

Don't think of your visitor as a customer, but an opportunity.

Most will not buy on arrival. You'll need to nurture them. 

Get an account at Mailchimp and start building an email list. This will be incredibly valuable in future. Read up on it.

Saying 'get my newsletter' isn't enough. Incentivize signups with other content offers (ebooks, guides, cheat sheets, etc)

Develop a content strategy, build an audience, look into inbound marketing.

Identify keywords in buckets, as in related areas to work on. 

Get an account with SEMrush for even just a month

Be proactive with your social marketing, get accounts with buffer or hootsuite

If you're doing any kind of local marketing, be sure you're on the right review sites. Yelp, GMB, HomeAdvisor, Avvo?

If you're looking to build a brand, get on top of review management with nicejob to get more reviews

Simply dropping a store onto whatever platform and expecting visitors to become customers is a tough sell.

It's critical that you nurture each and every visitor at any opportunity you can find.

Demonstrate value. This is not about the product, but your content strategy.

Be helpful, useful, informative, insightful. Make them want to read and learn more.

Build that trust, nurture the relation, and give them reasons to come back.

If you want to see monthly recurring revenue (MRR) you'll need to build a relation towards it.

It's that, or have some very unique product not easily or commonly found. 



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