great traffic, no sales? new store

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my website is: and i thought i did a pretty good job with optimizing my website. i’m also new to shopify so i’m not quite accustomed to all the features, but i’ve been getting at least 100 store sessions a day (i’ve been open for a couple weeks), people are abandoning their carts and not many people are signing up for my mailing list. people are viewing product pages and on my social media pages, they’re engaging and expressing how much they’d love to try my products but they never follow up with it. what am i doing wrong?
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Hello, I looked at your store and a number of things need to be addressed.  I believe your are getting abandoned carts due to your payment methods. I suggest using PayPal because it allows to pay with credit/debit card if a customer does not have a PayPal account, or any other method with that option. Set your checkout to allow guest checkout.  Re-think your landing page, by that I mean show your products right away instead of the banner/slide that's on there.  Consider other discount offer such as free shipping if a customer spends certain amount... etc. Have only one email opt in offer, and program it to appear when a customer is about to leave the page or has been browsing for quite sometime.  How come you don't have a refund policy? Last but not least your store could use some product re-organization  Hope my suggestion help you, if you need further explanation or any other question let me know



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Good afternoon Eman,
I am running into a similar problem, 100+ visitors a day yet no sales. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!
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Hi, @Ryalden1 


We run into this situation all the time. The "lots of viewers, yet no sales".


You have gotten over the first major challenge which is attracting an audience to view your products. The next step is encouraging them to make a purchase.  I have looked at your store, and many other stores experiencing the same problem. You sell a product without demonstrating how the customer will benefit from it's uses.


If I were trying to sell athletic supplements, I would show pictures of athletes, or busy people that need products to fit their on-the-go life style. 


Many online audiences want to see products right away (better, faster user experience), however in your case I believe your audience may need more persuasion before making a purchase. "What could I look like if I took this product?" 


Reach out any time and we can talk more about online marketing persuasions. In your case specifically Social Proof.


  • Social proof: people tend to do what other people do. Instead of telling them what to do in a certain situation, it is easier to get someone to change his/her behavior by telling him/her what other people did in similar situations.


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thank you for every one this ideals is going to help me to get next level
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hey you can also try to work with instagram influence because they need to see someone they trust before to purchase on website they don't know and to see some reviews on Youtube I'm working on fiverr if need instagram influence here the link i can help you
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Adding to what's been said already ...


  1. straight away, try to get rid of the two pop-ups that are triggered right after I land on your website. If they were supposed to be on exit-intent, then double check your settings
  2. you have two Google Analytics account tracking the same website
  3. the check-out page is way too complex, too many things are happening there


  1. there are two Google Analytics accounts tracking the same storethere are two Google Analytics accounts tracking the same store



  1. the chek-out page is too crowded with apps and buttonsthe chek-out page is too crowded with apps and buttons


    try to leave just one apptry to leave just one app



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I feel like everything that is of most importance has already been said. If I can add just one more thing from myself is just to give it time. Rome wasn't built in a day. Work hard, get the word around and stay positive. The beginnings are always difficult but the key is to get through it.


Good luck!

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Hello @nme2002, @Ryalden1 !

If your customers are abandoning the carts, don't miss the opportunity to recover these carts by retargeting customers. I would recommend to download Firepush app. So you can send notifications about their abandoned carts through Facebook Messenger, SMS and web push channels.


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It sounds like you have issues relating your check out process. What i think the top reasons for abandonment during check out process is related to;

1. your customers might found the checkout process complex and too long.

2. Delivery could be slow.
3. Payment methods could not be enough to facilitate your customers.
4. Website errors, keep a strong check on your website to make sure you resolve your website issues immediately.
5. It could be that your shipping cost, tax, fees are too high.  
Through mouse flow tool analyze your customers move and bring amendments according to it. 

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You main issue is layout , loading time, too many popups. It is a very bad user experience , No matter how much traffic you bring to the store or attractive prices there are  , You will not see any conversions. Sorry to say but its the exact issue


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Hi nme

1. I think the background color of your website may not be very good, and a lot of content is not easy to see clearly.
2. Your website collections don't look very neat, some titles are long, and some titles are short, which causes your products to display different sizes on the website.
3. The product description is a little bit short. I suggest write your product description like Amazon, each product has five selling points,  so that customers can better understand your product.