Grid_List urls appearing in Screaming Frog as No-Indexed but also Canonicalised - How do I fix this?

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I wonder if anyone can help with an issue we have on our online vape store

We have run screaming frog through the site and noticed 17000 no-indexed pages that stem from the search filters. These are also canonicalised. I understand that it's bad practise to have no index and canonicalisation at the same time as it just makes your site a crawl mess. This was head of web JohnMu's own advice in a chat with Search Engine Journal. The thing is, we haven't got a clue where to begin to fix this.

Our theme is Empire Pixel Union and despite paying for their premium support app, they just give no help at this level. I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue before. 

The urls show grid_list at the end of them.

They also run to 404 errors I believe.

So we have thousands of 404 errors on top. I can't imagine the technical SEO for the site is doing well off the back of it.

Pretty much hoping there is a hero out there and happy to pay for the time.

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The best recommendation is to add "nofollow" in your Faceted navigation links and those links should have canonical. 


The problem with "noindex" tag on the page means the crawl already consumed and saw it is a no-index, so they will not index. But you have wanted the crawl budget.


I would also add a regular expression in your robots.txt. A disallow can be implemented for certain sections of a site.


User-agent: *

Disallow: /*\?page=

Finally, I suggest to implement AJAX based faceted navigation.