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My company recently had a free consultation meeting with a marketing company. They said and showed us our results for our website and products had good H1 Tag results on google, apart from one product collection.


I am trying work out, and find out, why this might be the case for this specific product collection in my store. Does anyone know why this might be? Does Shopify use H1 tags different to how this company may have done i.e. does Shopify use the Page Title (found at the bottom of the product page) to reference a H1 Tag?


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Trying, as I am sure everyone is, to get the best optimisation for my products


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Hey adss,


By default, Google should index all your H1 tags on all pages built with Shopify app. It's good to put at the bottom and keep in mind to use 1 time H1 tag, for H2, H3 down to H6 tags you can use as many as you want to. But keep the clear structure.


It'd be great to have your website here, so the community could give you better insights.


For Headings, I use Google Chrome addon https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/headingsmap/flbjommegcjonpdmenkdiocclhjacmbi?hl=en

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Hi Tony,


Thank you for your help and insight, though I am kind of new to the talk of H1s, 2s, 3s... etc so i'm afraid some of your help isn't entirely clear to me.


The way the guy in the meeting was talking, I'm not entirely sure if he was talking about liquids or searches. So hasn't been the best in helping me identify where I might need to make some improvements to get better results for my store.


My website is www.shopadss.ca, please feel free to take a look and offer any suggestions and insights you may have!