hard time with marketing

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I need help with marketing. www.thestripesinme.com 

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  • Are you currently running Facebook ads and Instagram ads?
  • If so, how's your ROAS?
  • Do you have Klaviyo emails being sent out? 
  • What are the Email sequences that you have live?
  • Are you doing any influencer marketing? if so, how many collabs per month?


Looking forward to hearing back.



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I 100% agreed with you, it's a hard time...



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Hi @TheStripesInMe ,

I think my answer will help you. I found https://breakthecuriosity.com - where you can submit your products to promote for free. However, Breakthecuriosity only accepts products that they consider to be unique and interesting. This is how many stores use Breakthecuriosity to be able to bring in traffic and sales without money.

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Hi @TheStripesInMe 

I'd recommend you read this guide, it's may help you get better with marketing and get sales:

  1. How to Use Google Ads: The Ultimate Guide
  2. Shopify Facebook Ads: How to make Facebook Ads for Shopify

Hope it helps!


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Hi @TheStripesInMe !

What is it that you need help with, more specifically? 

Marketing is a vast field. 

Perhaps you need help with your marketing strategy

Or perhaps you're making one of the common mistakes many e-commerce owners make?

Or maybe you need to identify your target market better

Whatever the case, I doubt you'll find your answer if you don't start asking more specific questions.

Here's a few from me:

1. Why do you think your marketing isn't working currently? 

2. Who is your target market?

3. How are you trying to reach them? 

4. What sets your brand apart?

5. Why should anyone bother with your merch?

Answer these 5 questions and you will be a step closer to improving your marketing.


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Hi there,

Hope all is well!

Currently, how are your websites or social media marketing metrics look like? Such as  Traffic by channel, Bounce rate, Conversions, Cost per Valued View, Percentage of target audience reached, Frequency, View thru rate, etc. 

Analytics of the web traffic, acquisitions, conversion path could reveal the effectiveness of a marketing channel in completing conversions, assisting in conversion or initiating the conversion process, identify core strengths, and guild the next step marketing strategies.


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