Has anyone else experienced a drastic change with Google Performance Max?

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We use the Google smart campaigns, and were informed we would move over to Performance Max last week.


Our CPC has almost doubled this week, almost half the visits and income and sales seriously reduced.


We get limited organic traffic so have come to rely on our Google ads, is anyone else experiencing a crippling change?


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Hey @AnthonyDibble 

I hope you're well today 🙂

Yes, this just happened to which some people absolutely love or loathe. Remember, Performance Max campaigns are more goal-oriented, so remember to adjust your settings according to your goals.

The next thing to keep in mind is patience. I've included some quotes below of what some of our customers had to say:


"I have personally experienced it. You must just let Google do their thing. It takes about 6 weeks after you changed over to Performance Max before you start seeing an influx of traffic again and sales"




"I've been seeing great results with PM Campaigns on a service-based business. Definitely the way forward"


Hope this helps? 

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Thanks so much for your value and insight!

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Hi @AnthonyDibble 


We have experienced very random peaks of costs for no good reason, sometimes no performance, sometimes poor performance, even weeks where it goes down then up.


The issue is, not knowing the data. This causes me and my clients not to trust Google. If Google was 100% transparent, I would believe trust will be much higher, and Performance Max would be used a lot more.


However, I do have to say, for some clients, it just works really well, and I have not disabled it. But the majority it has not been great, due to the above reasons.


My recommendation, test it out for some time and see how it goes.


If you rely on automation, then you have no choice then to upgrade in any case, considering Smart Shopping will disappear this year.


So the only choices are standard shopping or Performance Max campaigns.

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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As @sampymishra mentioned its a hit and miss. I have been using PMax since October 2021, and it has been a very crazy ride. Out of all clients that I tested this, only 1 has never had an issue.


All others, will stop working at random with no changes made. 


Setup is indeed key as @JustineHSF mentioned, and that will be a key factor in having a good setup.


However I have found that for the majority of my clients, I have moved away from PMax, and use standard shopping with an advanced setup, allowing to see the data, and get better results this way.


Pmax is a secret tunnel for money to disappear. Hence why Google does not disclose all the details.

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Yes, I am agree with you because we are also facing same issue so you need to run set your Maximum CPC, but the opportunity of sale might stuck when you set maximim CPC.


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Hello @AnthonyDibble,


Gina here from flareAI. It's wise to invest 10-30% of revenue back into ads. But up to 40% of paid ads are clicked by competitor bots, according to Adobe research.


As performance max campaigns combine different ad formats it helps you achieve greater reach with minimum effort. Performance Max would work well for advertisers looking to appear on all of Google’s advertising platforms, with the ability to access all of this from a single campaign.

You have to test it out. It may take some time to get it worked. Do all measures to make your campaign optimized. You can take a look at this documentation.


Every marketing channel demands more $$$, except one. Consumers trust organic sales channels like Google and rely on them even more and are using them at a rate that exceeds the growth of display and organic social.


You will get fewer sales and traffic if your products are not found on Google. When your customers search for your product, your product can be found only if your product is indexed. flareAI will show which pages are found on Google, and which are not. flareAI works every day for you, tapping into the world's largest free sales channels. Let flareAI help you to grow your revenue on the world's best free sales channels.

Hope this was helpful.

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