Has anyone had any success with ShopifyList.com?

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Hi Shopify Guru's. I'm planning to do some marketing for my Shopify store and I'm working with a shore string budget (personal money). I came across a directory and I am thinking about adding my store there. Has anyone used them before?




Is it worth the $20 to get some exposure?


Thanks in advance! 



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That directory is really vague and I've never heard of it. I would recommend using those funds maybe for social media marketing or something else, but that's just me. What kind of store do you run? Maybe we can offer suggestions?

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I would pass. It's not a lot of money, but I don't think it's a good use.


I just browsed that site for a couple minutes, and one thing seems certain: it's unlikely anyone would ever buy a product from that website.


So maybe there's a backlink/SEO angle, but I'm guessing it doesn't have a good search engine ranking, and I'm pretty sure I've read that links on sites like that don't amount to much for SEO.

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