Has anyone used Cranberri or Helios? Authentic Reviews please!

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Hi Guys-


I am contemplating using a site called Cranberri in order to really start boosting sales and traffic on my ecommerce store, Dad Hat Supply Co, www.dadhatsupplyco.com. I came across the site on Shopify forums after a user commented and said that it had been working for them. Cranberri is supposed to integrate with your Shopify site, and use AI to target more qualified customers across their 900m+ user ad network, and drive sales and traffic. They use a solution called Acquire to find new customers as well as Retarget to retarget to customers. The customer service team was pretty helpful, and a guru named James explained that most of the users see a 2x ROAS in the first 8 weeks, and as Cranberri learns more about your site, it will go up to 3-4x ROAS in month 3 and beyond. Cranberri has a sister company as well called Helios, accesshelios.com, much like Cranberri but for larger stores spending over $100k/month in ads. I wanted to use Helios as I plan to spend that much in some time, however I just want to be sure that Cranberri works, and I wanted to reach out here and see if anyone has any experience or testimonials they can offer about using Cranberri. I want to begin with them, however I want to be sure I am placing my money in a wise place that will see returns.

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