Have a user sign up for the newsletter and receive a free gift

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I'm trying to run an email campaign using Klaviyo on my website. The promotion is that if a new user signs up for the newsletter, they receive a free gift of honey which can redeemed within 20 days of signing up. Does anyone know how this can be done? 

Thanks in advance

website: myhoneycreations.com

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Hi @bmdms, I'm Neomi from Rise.ai app,

We specialized in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions.

Using Rise you can reward customers for different actions, when someone registers into your mailing list you can issue a limited store credit reward (with or without expiring date) that can be applied into a specific product or collection.

You can send those emails through Klaviyo using Rise& Klaviyo integration.


Check out our listing page, and feel free to contact me at info@rise.ai