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Have been trained by Gurus and made ads as per recommendations still see no conversions

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Have been trained by Gurus and made ads as per recommendations still see no conversions.

I have taken trainings and also 1 to 1 sessions and launcehd ads with experts and still I see no conversion.

what could be holding the traffic and I am so confused and lost here.

Pls guide

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It would help if you can share the ad creative / copy along with the landing page url. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More
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 I would be glad to help, if you could say more details about your store and product selling

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Facebook marketing can be tricky if you don't niche down your customer segments. You can easily burn your pockets if the ads are not targeting your audience. If you already have customer emails (or) leads i would suggest to try out this app(there's a free credit on it) to get your customer interests Once you know your customer interests then you can segment them appropriately on facebook ad / email campaigns. This can help you to target similar audience.
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Vivek the ad is attached.


and the url for landing:

Awaiting all ur inputs here.

thanks in advance

my ad previous to this also tanked.

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Hey Sreemanti,

I'd recommend getting rid of most of your emojis. 1 or 2 emojis are ok, but it distracts from the text when you have as many emojis as you do in your ad. Also is the 6 million figure actually true?

I'd also recommend checking out Pollen ( It'll help you with your FB ads by targeting a similar audience to your current customer base.