Have you ever hired an SEO expert?

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Hello, wanted to know if anyone has hired an SEO expert to help with their website? If so- did you have success with it, did you make money, did you learn anything, has it increased traffic, sales, improved your site, did you learn anything, would you do it again?

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This is an excellent question. I am similarly intrigued by this - my main concern is that hiring an SEO expert would be a "black box" and you wouldn't really learn anything in the long run. Would be interested to listen to the community's experiences with this.

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Hi Brad!

That’s a good question!

The answer depends on your goal.

If you have a well-structured and clean code, if search engines can easily index your text, and the most important, if you have enough visitors who converts to customers, you probably don’t need SEO much.

But if the situation is opposite and your conversion is low why not to try SEO?

You may have a look at the article https://www.shopify.com/videos/ecommerce-seo-101/seo-content-tutorial . It can help you to make a decision.

There are many offering of SEO services starting from individuals and coming to well known agencies. Before you make a decision whom should you hire, I would suggest to have a look at some topics with advice how to hire the right SEO Consultant:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227229 or http://www.cio.com/article/2400260/careers-staffing/top-10-things-to-look-for-in-an-seo-expert.html 

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Hey Brad, 

I've had great success with hiring an SEO expert, especially since I don't consider myself analytical enough to do it myself. My SEO expert helps target keywords that rank on google, builds links, and makes my content more "seo friendly". He is amazing. If you would like me to pass along his information, please email me and I will send an email introduction. 

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Hi Brad, 

I signed a contract with an SEO expert for 1 year .   It was really expensive- around USD 1000 per month, but to be honest, it was a waste of money and you are better off doing it yourself- there are plenty of guides on the internet....

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This is the most common problem, people build the site and then ask for SEO, like everything else products - cars, planes, furniture all is done with a proper blueprint and execution. If you build your site 1st and then SEO that is a very bad software engineering. I develop websites for a long time myself all needs to be done before you even start building one with proper blueprint. 

At this situation the best was like Yana mentioned above you need a SEO consultant who will inspect the site properly. Without inspecting it and if you hire somebody you can end up with even worse situation. - When I finished this post Joanne Pereira just posted that she had that experience - site needs to be inspected 1st and then options proposed and explained. I noticed this for so many people, they are falling for wrong decisions.

SEO practices they take time to apply because it is not also about applying White Hat SEO rules but also how you doing them and then based on that Google and other search engines are sending out spiders to crawl them and that takes time, so if you do something wrong it takes months to undo and go other route.

Hope that helps.

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It depends on the SEO "Expert". We have a shopify store,but our main business is WDS Pros which is an online digital marketing agency. We actually have a very different business model than most. When talking to any prospective client the first time we offer for FREE an SEO test. This is not a report like most agencies provide. We actually prove the results with the test. We take a keyword or general search term and then attempt to rank it very quickly. If the test result is good then SEO is viable option. If not we communicate this with the client and offer other solutions for marketing their business. We are very honest and upfront. We have zero sales reps because we do not sell. We research, test, get results and consult. We will only take on SEO campaigns with positive results that both the client and ourselves can see via a screen shot. In some cases SEO is an uphill battle and would take a ton of resources and time, hence increased cost. We in this case always offer alternative solutions for marketing or if the client still insists on SEO we lay out realistic expectations.

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We have hired companies and individuals and have had much better luck hiring companies.  With that said, we recently hired a company that are "Amazon SEO" experts.  They are amazing and worth checking out if you actively sell on Amazon (www.EvolvedCommerce.com).  In a month, our Amazon.com revenue is up over 80%.


Adam Schwartz



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I agree with most of the people that left messages on this forum about SEO. Keep in mind that there are different levels of SEO. Many local business owners are usually trying to rank Organically when they really only need to rank locally. Google has been trying to show many local business owners that if they just set up their websites, directories and online and offline SEO campaigns for local traffic as opposed to organic traffic they would do just as good if not better! Local SEO with the correct website page setup, LSI, long-tail keywords and well researched and written content will many times get you more traffic then your business can probably handle without having to spend as much on SEO as you think.

Any questions, reply back.. 

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At iShop Limited we work with many different merchants, some of which have opted (regretfully) to work with so-called SEO Experts.  Many come back to us for advice on how to undo all of the work they paid for.

In the past we've helped organise the removal of bad inbound links that were purchased, and in some cases we've even ported an established store to a new domain, such was the severity of the negative impact caused by one particular SEO company.

We've also found time and time again that the SEO individuals and companies are often self-serving.  They will write "articles" for your website, but they'll be sure to link it up with keywords relevant to their own industry.  You end up paying them to build their own link profile.

Lastly, some SEO companies will claim they own the content they produce for you.  If you stop paying them, they reserve the right to remove their content - Like some kind of protection racket.

That said, there are some SEO good apples, and If your budget allows for it, I recommend you hire someone reputabae, to come into your office to do their job.  They will be more accountable for what they do, and less likely to "bodge" it than if they remain faceless.

I hope that helps you in what can be a real minefield.


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There is a financial investment when it comes to SEO services and you need to evaluate if your business is in a good position and ready to make the move to hire a quality SEO agency.

Here is an excellent article to read along the lines of the topic you brought up - https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2267471/how-much-should-you-spend-on-seo-services

Here is a quote from the article - "For most businesses today, SEO is the highest ROI marketing effort. The benefits it provides exceed the value of other marketing approaches – direct mailing, broadcast advertising, online ads, etc."

We are an SEO agency and if you feel to reach out I will be happy to take some time to talk through how you might benefit from hiring a company like ours.

I wish you the best.


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Hey Ericka

Could you please pass me your SEO expert' information?



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It really depens if you have time, money and/or knoweledge. You as a owner need to focus on main stuff. If you have time and willing to learn you can do a lot of things yourself. You can start with SEO Manager app which is bacially guide you with SEO (Title, Description, Images and etc.).

SEO is long term strategy and it something you need to focus on but it's not a magic and it will take time. So for us French Press Coffee is a main keyword and niche and that we focus on. We also have Coffee Channel on Youtube which generates links and traffic back to us (SEO). SEO Expert simply not able to do this fo us.

So it's really what and how you want to arhive your goals.  Something you can defenatelly do yourself. If you do thought use Pro tools which will help you to avoid mistakes. No time but have money - well might be perfet time to hire an expert.  

Good luck. 

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Hi Ericka,

Would you please pass along the information for your SEO contact?  

Thank you,

Annie Castleberry



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Hey Ericka


Could you please also pass me your SEO expert' information?

My email address is sales@mlperformance.co.uk



King Regards,



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Hi there - I would love it if you would share the contact info for your SEO contact. 🙂

My email is kim@stonerchick.com

Thank you!!! 🙂

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Before you go the route of an SEO expert, you should check out your site to see where you rank. Then once you hire this so called expert, you can track and trend their results, otherwise you are just taking it on faith that they got you to page 1 for this keyword, when you might have already been there.

I suggest you get a 1 month subscription to www.ahrefs.com. Analyze your site and your competitors. See if there are things you can do to improve your shopify site now, before you spend those DOLLARS!

I use ahrefs, and an app for shopify called: Reload SEO.

We've been able to move our rankings from say page 10 to page 2 on most keywords in a matter of a few months, and thats just by making some corrections to our site. 


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Great advice from Jeremy,

The first port of call for all website owners should be to verify their website with the Google Search Console. This will tell you if you have issues, as well as tell you how you arre really ranking in Google. That would be one of your benchmarks for an SEO to improve on.

Make sure anyone you hire is not focusing on subjects like link building, guest blogging, individual keyword rankings, and guarantees. You want them to be talking about how they will be helping yopu rach your real goals, which is typically to sell more stuff if you are here.

Make sure your SEO is transaprent. No secret tactics that they don't want you to know about. That could lead you into a short term gain, then after you have paid your website gets banned. If their report is justb about individual keyowrd rankings, then they are focusing on the wrong goals. 

Do some learning yourself, so you can identify what is good or bad.

Moz do a great beginers guide to SEO, which you can trust. And you must read Googles guidelines, so you know what they like and hate.

ahrefs have a great product. So do semRush which is my tool of choice for many things. With all tools remember that they are sampling data and doing broad checks on your SEO status. Take everything with a pinch of salt. Especially with these free SEO audits that in my experience are designed to make you want to buy their services.

If you have specific issues, forums like this and the Google Webmaster Forum are great places to ask questions and get responses from trusted SEOs.

Technical SEO Consultant - Specialising in setting up Structured Data for Rich Snippets, Google Analytics for advanced reports and the Google Search Console for efficient crawling.
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I did, paid $500 per months for few months, nothing happen. After I found they did not do anything on google add, ask for refund and leave them

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I would not suggest doing any SEO until your store is fully up and running and you have solid data on what your most popular items are and what items can make you the best margins.  At that point  you can then work with a SEO agent to increase sales on just those products.  Most merchants start with pay per click advertising to get a grip on what their best products are going to be.

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