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Help. Any advice on getting customers.

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Well. I've only had ONE sale in almost a month of my store being open from someone who didn't know me personally. I've spent nearly $1000 on ads including Facebook, Instagram and AdWords. In one day, a few weeks ago, I had over 1000 visitors to my store, but no sales. Also one of my Instagram ads had nearly 1500 likes on it but it didn't convert to any sales in my store. I have earned nearly 500 likes on my Facebook page as well, so I'm doing something right but whatever I'm doing isn't converting to sales. My Facebook page is even linked to my store and it's showing that people are adding products to their carts here and there but nothing that equates to an abandoned checkout. I have over 100 people subscribed to my mailing list as well. HELP! 😞

Just trying to make my own way in this world...
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First I think it is pretty damn hard selling over the internet, no matter what you sell.

Second did you have a look here in the forum how many jewllery and t-shirt or fashion shops don't sell?

How many jewllery shops does the world need?

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I had a look at your website and it looks really inconsistent and hard to navigate. The reason for this is first of all your product photos and second your theme.

Your photos are with different sizes, aspect ratios, backgrounds, and presenting the products in a what-not way: you can see fingers, stands, hangers, movie stars. It is all over the place.

Your theme looks basic and it has this weird scroll in the left panel. Your logo does not match the look and feel of your products and overall website look.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but your website looks like a quick import from aliexpress, which is probably why it is not converting.

I hope this is useful!

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hi nikki!

i agree with all of the points kabuki themes had mentioned, but i will suggest that your site has very less visitors roaming around it, i think you need a little help with your seo.

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I think you need to keep the colors consistant throughout the site. I know the theme is a basic Shopify theme, and many people like the one you are using. I use the Debut theme because I like to add, change, add more, etc..quite often, and it's really flexible.

I thnk the main problem with the lack of sales is this part:

  • Shipping time: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from our warehouse to the destination.International delivery usually takes about 15–30 business days. US orders are shipped by e-packet, which is a US Postal Service product. After processing and leaving the warehouse, items usually take between 7 and 14 days to arrive at their destination but can take longer from time to time.

That's a pretty long time for someone to wait for an order, so that could be a big part of it. 


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