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HELP! Facebook page has 2 ad a/c (says one is personal & other is business). How?

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Hi Guys,

I desperately need help!

My Fb page has managed to create 2 ad accounts, one is connected to instagram (claims to be my personal a/c) while the other was made by Kit (business one). The webstore pixel is the Kit one, so all the ads I run on insta or boost posts on my facebook page are not targeting anyone correctly as it is not connected to any pixel on my store. 

Another intriguing issue is that my 'personal' ad a/c runs in my local currency, while the Kit 'business' ad a/c runs on USD. It is very boggling, and I would love to use just one to make the facebook ads work.

Thanks to anyone who could share some insight.

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You seem to be having some problems with how Facebook advertising is set up. However, are you aware that Facebook advertising are a waste of money and that your SEO is the true issue?