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Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to setup a facebook ads funnel for my shop, but there are some things that I can't figure out.

So I want to do it in four stages : 1st objective is clics on a link, 2nd is add to cart, 3rd is initiate payment, and 4th is purchase. At the moment, I only use 5$ per ad, and I am having mitigated results.

It is the third day since I started the first stage campaign, and at this point I only got around 30 clicks (1% of results). Now the problem is that my second stage targets users who visited my website in the past 14 days, but it seems that nobody can see my ad, even though I have had around 300 visits for the past 14 days (the majority coming from previous ads). That's not a really big number, so I am wondering how many I need so that my second campaign gets at least a few views.

Also, would I need to raise my budget for the first objective ? I'm not sure since I would like to make sure this campaign works before doing so, but I feel like I am wasting money at the same time.

And lastly, maybe I'm just targeting the wrong audience, but it is really frustrating to not have any info on the interests of the people responding to the ad. Does anyone have any tips on how to know more than just gender and age ? ^^'

Here is my website :


Thank you in advance for your time and your answers,

Have a nice day !

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