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HELP!? How much should I be spending on FB marketing a week: conversion or traffic goal?

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Hi All,

First off, thanks for reading my post and any feedback provided is much appreciated.  I know post is a little long but please bare with me.

 A little background first; our company and website have been live for about two months.  We're an apparel brand focused around conservation and the outdoors and getting people outside  We've validated our market and our site analytics are pretty spot on (bounce rate is under 40% and average time on site is 2 min). My focus since going live has been mainly on building our social media presence and building an audience to communicate with.  It's been done the old fashioned way of following and communicating with people that we think would be our typical audience.  It's taken a lot of time but I feel like it's paid off so far.  We get good engagement on our posts from our following and have reached about 1,000 followers this way and have an email list of about 7k.

Fast forward to now.  For obvious reasons our traffic numbers have been low since inception.  We've captured a handful of sales from social media but have spent $0 on marketing up until now.   

My question now is what is a good starting budget for Facebook ads?  Is $20 a week to little and should I first concentrate on traffic as the goal or conversion?  My first audience definition is 150 million with a potential daily reach of 11k to 30k (est clicks 110 to 500 clicks for traffic).  I ran a conversion goal for about 5 days and got 0 from the campaign so am looking for some feedback from whoever has been through this before.

Apologies for the long winded post but we just have a lot of things coming up quickly (a new line, crowdfunding campaign, etc.) and I want to have a good marketing foundation in place.  Thanks is advance for any and all feedback provided!



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Hi Chris what I generally do is make a hanful of ads and run them for 3 days at $5 dollars a day, then see which one(s) are doing best. Then run a full on campaign with those ones. You should be focusing on increasing customer conversion as your traffic increases

If you would like to talk more about this please contact me on my website

I'd love to help


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Hey Chris,

Numbers suggest that you are on right track. Low bounce rate is an indicator of high engagement.

Since you are now planning to run ads to get more traffic and ultimately more conversions,You can try running three different Ad campaigns with different objectives Post Engagement :- 

1) Boost your already existing post, as you have told that you get good engagement on your posts. This will not only help you in getting more engagement but will also help you in getting more followers.

2) Traffic :- This Advert will not help you directly with conversions but it is required in the beginning in order to know about the journey of customer. It will help you in figuring out the drop off points and you can take actions accordingly.

3) Lead Generation :- Lead generation is very economical in facebook compared to any other medium. Also, your email list will keep increasing and later you can convert them into qualified leads via emails.

I would suggest running these Ads with a budget of $5 each per day.

Once you have people who already have been exposed to your above Ads and visited your website (Which Facebook pixel can track), you can run Ad campaign with conversion objective as these are the people who are more likely to convert. You can also run some kind of offer for these people.

In the long run, organic traffic counts. Social media continues to be one of the best sources of referral traffic. Apart from Ads, quality content for your shop is required. Here are some content ideas for your social channels

Even today. With channels cutting reach. It’s still a good bet. You just have to pick the right channel. And I can see that you’ve already done that. You seem to be doing well on Instagram. I’d suggest that you keep growing it. On Instagram content and hashtags are the way to go. 

For your hashtags, give OrangeTwig’s hashtag research tool a try. You’ll get a list of relevant as well as related hashtags for your niche. Learn more about the tool here

With OrangeTwig, you’ll also be able to make all your posts on Instagram clickable. In Instagram, only one link (in the bio) is clickable. For instance, you’ve placed your shop url. The only problem with having a generic link is that your customers need to go your shop and find the product that they liked. There is no immediate gratification. This leads to lost sales. With clickable link in your bio, you can take your customers to specific products. Immediate gratification will lead to better conversions. And even if a buyer doesn’t buy, you can then retarget these people with Facebook Ads later. Learn more about clickable post here. 

Oh and one more thing that’s crucial for building following is actual interaction. With OrangeTwig, you can comment on relevant Instagram posts as well, but in an extremely efficient manner. Learn more about it here: 

I hope you find some of this helpful. 

- Karan


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Hi Chris,

Read your whole post twice and I see you mention about traffic and low sales. Well, first of all you need to understand who are you customers and where they come from. I'd start from the look at location. For example, it's cheap to buy traffic from developing countries, but as for West countries, it's a quite expensive. So the question is which location are you targeting?

Depending on the location the cost per impression / clicks are different. Targeting to US or UK for example is more expensive than in Indonesia or Philippines. However, which countries bring "conversion" only testing with reveal the result.

At the beginning I'll take a look at driving traffic and also looking at conversions. You'll need to find which audience bring conversions to you. As "conversion" there might be at least "clicks add to cart" or long "page on time" on the product pages.

Next thing I'd ask where do you drive the traffic? Is this the landing page or it's just the home page? The good tactic is about driving the traffic to the product page with detailed product content. If you want to build rich content product pages just take a look at PageFly Shopify app landing page builder. This app will help you build additional content to your existing products pages and convert better.

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Hey reach out to me via Facebook at I will be able to help you out with this. There is no set answer. As long as you are making money you shouldn't worry about budget but don't spend money online if you don't know how to learn from the data you get!