Help narrowing down who to target with Facebook ads

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hey so after weeks of working with a store that just didn't seem to want to work, I finally got some headway with people telling me it looks good, now it just seems to be a matter of nailing down a functioning Facebook audience to build an ad campaign from, I've tried a few things and have managed a low bounce rate and a decent time on store, but need a little more tweaking and thought to ask here!


store is

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Hi, Chanton1.

This is Max from the Shopify Team. 

Have you considered using an app like Kit? This is a free app that helps you with marketing and even enables you to create lookalike audiences!

8 Ways Kit Can Help You Make Your First Sale might be a good resource for you as well!

I hope this gives you some ideas for next steps. I'd also suggest checking out our blogs and the Shopify Masters podcast for some more insight from industry experts and other merchants. 


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Alongside normal facebook ads, I would also recommend setting up a product catalog than use your Pixel to setup a remarkting campaign. Returning visitors are twice as likely to convert than first time visitors.

You can do the same remarketing setup with Google Adwords.

The only down side is, you do need some initial traffic for this to work.

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Check out this article. This can help you in finding the right audience for you.

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Hi, Chanton1,

Do you already have an email list or active shoppers on your store?

If yes, I can suggest some cool ways to segment and greate effective FB audiencs.


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I have visitors, and no email list.

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Hey Chanton,

I'm going to assume that as you're using FB ads you've already set up custom audiences for all the key pages on your site, so you're able to retarget those people who come to those pages?

My experience is that several touches are needed to convert browsers into customers, so we need to be thinking about all the stages/costs of our sales funnel, as apposed to just trying to advertise as much as possible to cold traffic.

Not a fan of Kit as find it a bit basic - which means you lose money.

You can grab the audience targeting sheet I use for yourself if you like.





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Have you tried looking at Facebook groups or pages with followers which have similar interests. If not you could try starting your own group just to gather some interest and bring the aspect of social into shopping, given clothes are something that is more social friendly especially in a niche category like yours.

Other ideas apart from Facebook you could look into Instagram (of course) and Pininterest, whose audience by majority are woman.

Then once you have grown your audience it should be easier finding which interests matches well with the products you are offering.

Best of luck with your sales! 

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if you have some sales already, you can use the Shopify App Looga to create good Lookalike Audiences. These audiences contain people who are similar to your customers and are likely to find your products interesting.

I also recently published an article on a simple but very effective Marketing Setup for Shopify stores. It relates to the Marketing Funnel and how you sometimes need multiple steps until people convert.

Hope it helps! Feel free to ask away.


P.S. Disclaimer: I work at Looga, so I'm biased 😉

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Hey Chanton1 - I just wanted to add some perspective here. While I have some clients that do well on Facebook and social, most don't. The Myth - eComm and Social media work well together... It's the exception not the rule. Aside from my store, I consult for 13 others that generate $80k a month. Only a couple get true traction on social media, and of those the ROI is always a concern.

Forget my accounts, this is backed up by the latest report from SEMrush that was released this week and shows social and Adwords last place in eComm traffic. I've also attached a snapshot of a client's numbers this month, which shows how much they made from social media compared to other outlets.

My point, don't budget on trends, diversify. Facebook was once amazing for conversions, but that has fallen off over time. Now, you have to really have a strong product, positioning, message, value, etc.

I answered another post here on the forums for another member, that asked what I'd do instead... Scroll to the bottom and read my long detailed answer for one strategy:

Because I'm asked so much about shopify growth I created a strategy report/consulting service that many have signed up for. Reach out if you need help:


Make it great!

-Robert (project/results feed:

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Hey Gang, 

I'm greener at setting up a store than Shopify green.  SERIOUSLY!  So, I've got a niche in mind, and I'm also familiar with Amazon's Best Seller page. I've heard and seen the FB Ads Mgr, but never really used it. I also have a tool that finds the best rated Shopify sites on Alexa, as well as finds the best selling items ON those best-rated sites. My question is where should I start first? My 1st inclination is to find the best-rated sites, and pick some of those top-selling items, then go to either Amazon's best-selling items to find similar items, then test it further with FB Ads Mgr, or is THAT where I introduce Kit?

Thanks in advance SOO MUCH for your patience.


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You really need to know your audience inside out if you want to make sales from cold Facebook ads.

There must be plenty of plus sized female fashion competitors you could target, and if you know all the socio-demographics of your audience you should plug them into your Facebook campaigns, eg. age, gender, location (to specific neighbourhoods!), income, relationship status, education ect.
If you don't know those you can test through Facebook to get the data. Run campaigns and find which combinations convert and then run ads only to them. Although be prepared to burn alot of money to get that information. Facebook Ad budgets can be chewed up quickly.

Otherwise Retargeting to previous website or social media visitors is a good option, hitting them with a trigger ad / promotion offers. That is simplified, and you can get as creative as you want with sales funnels. Some may use Facebook Ads just to get potential customers in the sales funnel and not as the trigger ad. 

You can also use Lookalike Audiences once you have enough sales and/or an email database.  Last I read you would need at the very least 1000 emails for that to work well.  There are lots of other Lookalike Audiences you can target such as site visitors or your social media engagers.

I don't think there is a one size fits all marketing approach, so in the end its up to you testing and finding out what works. You might find Facebook Ads dont work at all for your niche.


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You can also use Lookalike Audiences once you have enough sales and/or an email database.  Last I read you would need at the very least 1000 emails for that to work well.

I've read this as well, but from my experience you can already get good results with far less (30-40+). The more specific your niche is, the fewer people you need to give Facebook an idea of your customers. The technical minimum from Facebook is currently 30 customers - so just give it a try.

If you are going for cold purchases right away, try adding "Engaged Shoppers" as an interest. Here's another article of mine about that.

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Here's my process:


For selecting audience for any product.
1- Go to audience insight.
2- Specify the location that you want to target.
3- Specify the gender if you want to target some specific gender group, specify the age group.
4- Put the main interest. For example if you are going to sell a cat necklace write cat in interest area.
5- Now from the top menu on your right select page likes. You would get the pages with the categories. Such as Politician, Sports Bar etc.
6- Now open and see the pages to check the engagement. If the engagement is good. Take it. Now find and select different interests like that split them in groups like on the base of audience size. While testing a product in the start I idealize my audience size between 50k-200k per ad set that I am going to run.
7- Now split the interest on the bases of audience size and see. Which one is fulfilling your objective forexample which one is giving you sales. Scale the one's who are giving sales and kill the others

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THANKS SO MUCH GUYS.  Will keep you posted. Just to make sure I maintain good etiquette do I need to mark "Solved" anywhere?