[Help needed] No traffic, very little sales

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Hi all,


Hope everyone is doing great!


I started my store in November 2018. Till now, I have very little traffic and very little sales as well. Would anyone have any solutions to improve my current situation? 


Here is my store: www.toygaleria.com


Please let me have your honest feedback as well. Your help will be deeply appreciated! Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

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Hey, @Yongyu_Pan ! 


I did take a look on your website and I have to say that it looks pretty nice and clean. 


Sorry to see that sales are not still coming in though. 

Driving traffic to your store, can be through various ways, like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google advertising, Youtube, Influencer marketing or even Affiliate Marketing. 


Investing resources across all these channels at the same time can be overwhelming, so I'd suggest to focus on one single area for example Facebook ads and become good at it, try things out see what works what doesn't and take it from there. 


Have you tried any of these advertising channels and didn't work out for your store? 


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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've had a look at your site, and you've done such a great job with it. 


One thing I noticed is that you are selling in SGD. Is your target market for all your advertisements in the Singapore region? For example, if I was an American visitor to your site and loved your products, I would assume the prices are in USD, and that would make the prices quite expensive! Perhaps consider at least including a currency converter on your store so your customers can select which currency they are seeing. 


If you are focusing entirely on the Singapore region, and your marketing is focused there, what sort of marketing tactics are you employing? Are there local bloggers or influencers you could leverage to promote your business? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Your niche is amazing and those are intriguing to make purchases. If you could attract the right demographics to your store then you can be a successful store owner. Social media marketing would be the right fit for your type of products, at the same time you should continuously monitor your bounce rates. If it is higher, reduce it into the least level.

You can add some features extra for this and hold your traffic more on your store by putting product reviews, urgency creation, Similar product recommendations, etc. There are many such kinds of apps available in the Shopify app store, you can pick any. For similar product recommendations, you can pick "Upsell with AI Recommendations". I have a personal experience with this app and it has done a very great job in many stores. You can try.


Good luck 🙂

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Hey Yongyu!

I checked out your store and it's really nice! I do see some areas to improve though - you seem to offer many discounts - but not right away, and sometimes too much of a good thing isn't better - could be confusing customers or making them wonder why theymre are so many discounts/where to start. So I'd recommend you isolate on a single discount at a time for a single customer/product and display your most valuable/universal one as a large popup upon landing on the page ("claim your 10% discount now while supplies last!") <--- create some urgency!

You seem to have a nice niche though (nice opportunity here) so should be able to find the right traffic

I think most other marketers, including myself, would first need to know some info about your business and what marketing you're currently doing:
1) what marketing are you using currently?
2) if you're using FB ads, do you have your pixel installed correctly and are you tracking your conversions properly so you can optimize?
3) specifically, who is your customer/target audience?
4) do you have a large existing email list? If so, you can kickstart your sales/as campaign with a quick success by targeting these people with some specific offers
5) what is your goal?

If you're trying to get new customers, it will be very difficult to sell your products to new customers right from the start

It's best to first warm up your customers (such as offering some value for free or a specific discount for a specific product to a specific customer) l; as you may know, we need to start building a relationship before reaching into their pockets

This is a long-term game, but the payoff is worth it

I do FB ads and setup sales funnels so if you have questions, need guidance, feel free to message me anytime

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