Help needed with my email marketing

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We’ve been in business for 3 1/2 years now, and I still do not have a good email marketing strategy in place! I know how important email marketing is, and it’s frustrating the crap outta me that I can’t figure it out!
I was (accidentally) collecting emails with Shopify and with Mail Chimp at the same time, so my email list is a mess! No segments, nothing!
I had made up some templates with Mailchimp, and I was really working to get it finished, but now that Mailchimp and Shopify are not working together (but I still am getting subscriptions with Mailchimp?) Im at a loss and going crazy! I’ve spent hours trying to figure out the best options for me. I also realized that accidentally I had 2 apps collecting emails also? I have watched tutorials, read so much stuff, but for some reason I can’t find the answers to my questions. I am really good with technology and new stuff and normally pick stuff up super fast. But I think that because I didn’t start it right, it’s so messed up that I really need help! I also have a customer tell me she was getting like 4 emails when she placed an order, a bunch if she had an abandoned cart, and more when her order shipped.
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First, get an app that integrates Mailchimp with Shopify. Mailchimp has a list of 3rd party apps here:

That will ensure that you are getting all your emails to the right place. 


Secondly, if someone is receiving 4 emails when she places an order, then odds are you have order confirmations running from more than one place. Check to see if Shopify and Mailchimp are both sending out email order confirmations. 


Also, it sounds like you need to de-dupe your list. Import anything from Shopify into Mailchimp so that all the email addresses are in the same place, then follow the tutorial here:


This tutorial also shows you how to de-dupe in case you have duplicate customers in Shopify:


If you remove all the duplicate email addresses and review your workflows to make sure that only one service is sending out emails, then you should be able to reign in all the extra contacts and emails that are going on.

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Thank you for sharing this 

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Hey @harleysbakery !


At first I'd download all my emails from all platforms that I may have used to collect them. 


Then once you merge the files and create a new one with all your emails, choose a platform like Klaviyo or whatever an upload these emails. 


Now, on your live website pick an application that helps you create popups and signup forms, I'd suggest Privy.


Then, integrate this app and have all the signups directly sent to your Klaviyo or any other email provider you've chosen to work with. 


You can also integrate it with Flashchat the facebook messenger marketing app and grow simultaneously your Facebook messenger list. 


Now, with regard your segmentation I'd initially suggest have an automated flow for abandoned carts and welcoming new subscribers. Last, you need a different segment for existing customers to market them any new offers for activating them again. 


Hope this helps. 





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This can help you in your email marketing strategy:

  • Choose an email marketing service provider
  • Add your contacts into your email marketing account
  • Gather contacts for your email marketing list
  • Set up your welcome email
  • Create a reusable email template
  • Spend time on subject lines
  • Practice writing persuasive messages
  • Preview and test before you send
  • Send your email at the best time
  • Track your results
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Hi HarleysBakery,

What I would say is think about the key touchpoints of your customers and then make a call on the right tool for the job. A combination of email, targeted ads and potentially SMS is a good combination, but can also cost an awful lot to set up and depending on how many customers you have it might be completely overkill when you spread the cost of software licensing, ad costs and implementation to a "per sale" basis.

It's not uncommon to have < 2% click through rates with email marketing tools. These might be fine for some people, but to me that reads like 98% of efforts thus fail. So don't spend too much time on the "long tail" (so to speak, as I see you're a doggie lover!!). Figure out when you want to reach your customers and don't overdo the comms.

Also as you probably know, it costs a LOT more to win a new customer over keeping an existing one, so don't spam your existing customers. There is so much hype out there about being able to "automate yourself to success" using martech tools, but honestly sometimes your past customers benefit most of all if you just give them a call to say hi and ask them if they need to re-order.

At the least I'd send a message out 45 days after they have purchased from you asking if they need to re-order. If they don't, consider something more personal afterwards as email clearly hasn't cut it. So to get started, perhaps just select a simple emailing system (there are lots out there) and then focus on your customer's journey with you, ensuring you offer the right message at the right time via the right medium.

Anyway, I hope this helps!



ps: the company I work for's software might help you out too - it doens't replace the need for a good email tool, but does ensure your messaging at key points in your customer journey land exceptionally well:

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