Help Over 5m Website visitors but exactly 0 sales

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hi, i have a jewelry store in dubai its going pretty well. now when it comes to online i have had no luck. in total i have brought in over 5m website visitors this year from google ads, instagram and facebook.

i have done everything from hiring agencies to me doing it to using kit.

my usual tactic is to get them first on google ads (interest) and then retarget them on social media.

i am really confused, i have no idea why. 

my website is if anyone has any ideas would love to hear them as i am absolutely stumped. 

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@tayzzyou can not get 5m visits, your store is too pricey for it. You need to clean your audiences and narrow it. Try to target your ads to some specific place(geolocation) where you target your audience with ads

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Hi @tayzz - this is PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder. 

I have to agree with @Fred12268, your store is too pricey for a 5m audience pool. With a high-value product like what you're selling, the buying journey is usually longer than average and requires more touchpoints to convert them from visitors to sales-qualified Leads and finally, Buyers. 

So here's what I suggest: 

- Instagram and Facebook ads are good for low-value products since the purchasing decisions are quicker to take. So opt for retargeting ads only, revisit your target audience and persona, try with different ads copies to see which one more aligned with your customers' needs and pain points. 

- Work on your organic traffic since, with organic traffic, your audience would be more refined as they're actively looking for the line of products you sell. Plus, the CAC for Organic channels will definitely be lower than those of Paid channels. At the moment, you have close to 0 traffic (as of the attached screenshot).

Screenshot - 2020-10-21T113802.861.png

What I suggest would be to: 

1. Optimize SEO for your product pages

2. Optimize SEO for your Homepages

3. Write more blogs about relevant topics (how to choose the right diamond, etc) then links these blogs to your product pages. 

We do have a tutorial that walk you through the whole process, check it out here: Shopify SEO tutorial

If my answer is of any help, let me know with a thumb up (y) 😄 

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Hey @tayzz, I am sharing some of the keypoints try to implement it on your website, it might help you!!

1. Optimize your Homepage

2. Make your product page more descriptive

4. Focus on your customer need

3. Focus on your target audience

4. Focus on branding