Help with Affliate set up - problems with tracking sales ex VAT?

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I'm about to launch an affiliate program but are having problems with the tracking. 

I have added their tracking ID as a 1st party cookie and to track conversions I've added a script they gave to me into the "additional scripts" in the checkout section. 

This works, the problem is that they want to see the sales ex VAT (I'm based in EU) however they now receive the sales inc VAT. Does anyone know what the code needs to be to capture sales ex VAT and also excluding any shipping costs. 

Below is the part of the code, where I think the changes needs to be made. Is anyone able to help or point me in the right direction?

tdconv('track', 'sale', {'transactionId':'{{ order_number }}','ordervalue':'{{ line_items_subtotal_price | money_without_currency }}','currency':'{{ currency }}','event':'407627', 'voucher':'{{ discount.title }}'});

Many Thanks!!




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