Help with conversion on Facebook ads

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Hi guys, I'm really new to Shopify and just started a store a few days ago. I'm trying to learn advertising on facebook and when I tried to make my first ad this (in photo) appeared and I don't know what is wrong and how to fix it. Can someone please help me? 

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Hey, that is totally fine, nothing is wrong. It just means that you didn't receive any conversions in the last 14 days, but you can still run your ads as it is.

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Install the conversion pixel on your site 🙂 

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OP did, otherwise there would not be the option to select the conversion event. 🙂

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Are you setting the Campaign Objective as "Conversion"? 


For beginner who has just started with Facebook Ads, I suggest you set this field to "Traffic" and turn on Campaign budget optimization. The ads will then be optimized to drive as much traffic as possible to your store. 


What you should do is:

  • Target the right audience: Don't be to specific. Use 2-3 demographic metric to narrow down your audience like age, gender, marriage status (This depends on your product)
  • Optimize your page for conversion rate: Review the page you use for the ads and make it as clear and easy to buy as possible.

About the warning, there's no problem. You can still go on and start your ads.


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The error is because you dont have any purchase event trigged in your pixel to optimise your ad for.

If you are running the "Conversion" objective campaign then your ad set should be optimised for any event from your pixel. So, for now if you want to launch your 1st campaign then optimise for Add to Cart or View Content event, then when you get your 1st purchase triggered in your pixel then edit the adsets and optimise them to purchase.

Or another theory could be your pixel is not properly setup on your store so that its not tracking Purchase event. for that i would suggest a Shopify App to you called WinAds.

They have a really easy 1 click pixel installation and Catalog setup and there customer support for any pixel related issue is amazing.

do check them out -


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Do you think they are receiving a warning message because they missed a step? Or can they skip by this and follow on with setting up their ad campaigns? 

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No, they didn't miss a step, they can continue setting up their campaign.


Facebook is just warning them that the ad may not perform as well because they've selected an optimization event that didn't receive any (or too low) number of those events lately.