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Hey everybody! So i've having some troubles with getting sales on my website "" (Automatent in facebook). I started running Adsets with different ads to test creatives, and some have come on top of others. I have had around 200 visitors a day, running the ads for 60$ per Day the last 3 days, but have had no ad to carts. I was wondering if i should just scale the ads that are doing better (put in more money), or if i should make a Lookalike Audience from the visitors i've had on my website. I am aware that there are many videos explaining this, but there are so many different method and ways that i'm so unsure what i should be doing.  Thank you for reading.


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Hi Jason,


In my opinion $60 per day is a lot for 200 visitors. I would definitely look into dropping the price per click, and narrowing down the audience by adding very specific interests. Put a cap on your daily budget [you should start with $5 a day] and then increase the spending on the campaigns that bring desired results. Also, opt for retargeting ads as well at this stage. 

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Hi Jason,


Definitely create a lookalike from the people who visited and narrow it with interests/demographics you're certain is of your target market.


All the best!

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Big issue, appreciate you sharing.


To make sales, you should think of it this way: What marketing partners are available to leverage?


Companies will often have existing relationships with other brands that can be positively exploited for mutual gain. You might utilize your partner consumer data (transparently, of course) to power a Facebook lookalike audience for campaigns. Or, if you’ve developed a relationship with a complimentary brand, you might consider seeding their products in your ads during photo/video shoots as placements and measures of goodwill, not to mention, as a warm introduction to a new audience who previously wasn’t aware of your products. Check out Wove, a very cool company that enables complementary brands to create partnerships that drive meaningful customer growth through AI-powered recommendations. That’s the beauty of digital marketing. You don’t have to go it alone.


Anyway, we just blogged about this the other day, if you want to see some of our other strategic marketing questions:


Hope that helps! See ya

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