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So I just started my first dropshipping business a month and a half ago and can't drive any sales! I've gotten one sale from using Google AdWords but that's all. I've run 2 shoutouts from Instagram Influencers and got traffic but 0 sales. I'm really stuck right now and need advice. Currently completely clueless on what kind of pages I should avertise on according to my niche. 

I might run a $25 8 hour post on the Instagram page @dessertsupload and will be advertising a pink hat with the image of an ice cream cone on it. Not sure if this will convert or if this is a good choice and I need advice because I really don't want to waste the money! 

Here are some screenshots:

Facebook Pixel:

Shopify Analytics:


If you read this thank you so much for your time!

Website is:
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Hi, Kaden!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I can see a lot of amazing potential for your business! It takes time to make sales and it's perfectly okay to not make sales when you are starting out, even when advertising your business. I took a look at your website and have some feedback that can help make your store more professional. That being said, I want to let you know that you have already done well creating your store and these are just some insights to keep in mind.

1) Since you are in the beginning stage of your business, now is a great time to really think about What makes your business unique from others? and What benefit(s) are there from purchasing the products in your store instead of purchasing from other businesses in your niche?

2) Your logo looks a bit blurry when viewing your website on a desktop. I checked the image itself and the image is quite clear. It may just be stretched out a bit too much on desktop.

3) On the top of your website, you have the phrase "Order Cheap Before Summer! Free Shipping!". I would avoid using the word 'Cheap' because people will correlate your products being cheap in price as well as in quality. Perhaps changing this statement to "Great Savings Before Summer! Free Shipping!" would be a better fit.

4) I recommend making the Terms of Service it's own separate page and put it on the footer (the bottom) of your website along with separate pages for a Refund Policy and Privacy Statement. The Refund Policy and Contact Page are two important pages that visitors will look for before deciding to purchase from your website.

Shopify has built-in templates for the Terms of Service as well as a Refund Policy and Privacy Statement to make it easier to add these pages to your website. You can edit these pages to suit your business. Here are the steps to create your policies. Next,  you will need to create a page for each one. You have already finished your Terms of Service so you just need to set up a Privacy Policy and Refund Policy using these steps. Afterwards, the pages will need to be added to your Navigation so that they appear on your website. I recommend putting them in the footer.

You can create your own separate Contact Page with a form that your visitors can fill out if they would like to reach you. In the Shopify admin click Online Store > Pages > click on your Contact Page > on the right side of the screen under Templates select from the drop-down and click Save. You can put your Contact page on the main menu or the footer depending on your preference. The messages your customers sent to you using this template will be directed to the email address in your Shopify admin under Settings > General > Customer Email (top right corner). 

5) With my line of work, I provide feedback on merchants businesses on a regular basis so I have seen lots of different About Us pages. Your About Us page is the first impression that you make when visitors come to your website and are being introduced to your business. I feel that your About Us page is currently a bit generic sounding - but that's okay! Here are some good About Us pages that you can read for inspiration:

- These Two Roads


- Lunapads

A good way to think about an About Us page is that you want to sit down in front of someone who is visiting your online store and talk with them like they are your best friend in an open and caring way. Introduce yourself and describe what you do. I know this is going to sound crazy, but be loving and speak to your customers in a way that shows that you have their best interests at heart. Each of these About Us pages does well with all of these key points. So many businesses preach to their customers and tell them to buy this because of that and very few take the time to introduce themselves and be approachable. Building relationships is key, especially when you are advertising to women. There is an expression that I heard once when it comes to advertising to a female-market "Facts tell, relationships sell". It's a good quote to keep in mind and will help with your approach to social media as well. 

6) I would see if you find any improvements in your sales by removing the app Beeketing from your store. If you are looking to build a brand, Countdown timers that appear on product pages are not the best solution because they can make your website look like you are trying to sell cheap products quickly. Many websites have similar apps and they begin to lose their effect when people see them so many times. Most people will see apps like this and think you are not telling the truth. The best advice I can give here is to hold your ground and display your products boldly without excessive popups and flashy apps. People will respect your website more for this and see you as a real brand instead of a quick stop and shop.

I enjoyed digging into your website and I hope this information helps! I'm looking forward to reading the additional comments as they come!

Jade | Social Care

Jade | Shopify 
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I think you might want to add more products to your site before advertising, because people will want to see more products available, to earn some trust.

I use Instagram adverts and do very well with them as far as traffic and sales. I let them do placement, and they do a great job because it has boosted sales quite a bit. I use a post I have already done, and then use the Promote option. I never do the advert from FB, because the traffic ends up being different, for whatever reason, so I do it right from my Instagram app.

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Influencer Marketing is the new buzz word among marketers. This digital marketing method involves hiring influencers, people with a strong fan base on various social media platforms, to promote their brands, offers, and products.

I like to say that influencer marketing is fantastic for building brand awareness, but don’t rely on it to drive sales. I recommend going with Facebook and Instagram ads over paid influencers. Shopify apps like Pollen ( can help you get better performance from your ads

If you decide to keep using influencers, here are my recommendations:

1. Set goals

Like every other marketing method, the first step in creating a successful influencer marketing campaign starts with setting goals. Keep clear goals on what you want from influencers, whether it’s traffic, brand awareness, subscriptions, sales or something else.

2. Develop an influencer profile

Your influencer marketing campaign will have a very high chance of a failure if you hire a wrong influencer for a job. Make sure the influencers have:

  • Loyal followers
  • High engagement rate
  • Excellent credibility

3. Search for potential influencers

The task of discovering right influencers is probably the most challenging activity. There are plenty of ways to discover influencers that can do the job for you. Use tools such as BuzzsumoBuzzStreamNinja Outreach, and others to search for influencers. You can also find specialized agencies that can provide influencers to you.

The manual search for influencers is also possible by looking at specific keywords and hashtags on various social media platforms.

4. Set proper rewards for influencers

The rewards for influencers must not only be financial rewards. This survey, conducted among influencers revealed that influencers are more interested in increasing their reach, providing value to their followers, free products and sharing top-quality content. They want to earn money while having new experiences at the same time.

5. Measure results

Finally, you must regularly measure results from the influencer marketing campaigns. List out the key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure your progress. Here are some tips to measure return on investment from your influencer marketing campaign.

Shopify Influencer Marketing Best Practices

  • Promote sharable content
  • Do not rush to hire influencers
  • Experiment with micro-influencers (less than 20k followers)
  • Practice content amplification
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Hey Kaden! Very cool store. Makes me want to go back to the islands on vacation.

Your question about advertising to grow sales is a smart one. Wanted to add my $0.02:

The most significant evolution of advertising is the concretization of the purchase funnel in the digital era. Before digital performance marketing emerged, an effective ad was measured based on what people said through surveys and focus groups, churning out top of the funnel metrics like ad awareness, ad perception and ad retention scores.

Think of it this way:

The old way: Research, think a lot, execute. 

The new way: Think with agility, test a lot, optimize.

But one thing that doesn't change, whether you run performance or traditional marketing, is that your ad has to look good. Modern images and graphics are so aesthetically rich that digital consumers have been spoiled for high quality creative. Your goal is to get various formats of high-quality creative of your products (product, lifestyle, videos) and test every single one of them.

Anyhoo, we wrote a useful post about these kinds of ad creative tips, if you want to read more:

Hope those insights help! Keep it up…

CEO of Metric Digital @
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Thank you so much for the awesome advice Jade! I went through your whole comment and It really helped me improve my site!
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For Instagram adverts what pages do you tend to advertise on Lisa H?
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Thanks for the great advice Kevin!
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Wow, these are all great comments. I am wondering how to find someone who can run our social media in terms of Facebook & Instagram?

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Cool Bracelets. 

I  like what others have said above.  I might disagree with the influencers.  I have tried influencers and don't get an ROI back with them.  I take pics with my iphone, and i sell a lot of boards.  We started last year, and have got up to 29k followers. 

use hashtags

post a pic every day  keep it fresh

do a giveaway.  people go crazy for free stuff!

Russ Warner


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Instagram and Facebook ads can be difficult to get working!

As you may know, Facebook owns instagram and you have to actually manage your instagram through facebook.

That said, they both work really well and have a lot of similarities.

You say you've strugglede to generate sales, but have traffic.

Assuming you've fixed some of the issues Jade mentioned, you can likely improve the targeting and creatives of your ads to have better results.

Creatives/ad design:

What do your ad designs look like?

You should use bright, vibrant colors. Try using animations, User generated content (UGC) of your customers, new ad formats and make sure your creative tells a story


Who you show your ads to, is arguably the most important part.

It's always better to start with an audience that knows about you. This is called "retargeting" and allows you to re-engage website visitors who didn't purchase.

For example, if someone clicked your first instagram ad and added a product to their cart, but didnt purchase - you need to re-attract them!

They are clearly interested in your products, but they may have got distracted, etc. and left.

Are you running retargeting ads?

If not, you're leaving money on the table.

If you are but aren't seeing results yet, make sure you have your audience segmented properly.

There are many ways to set thes up but the easiest and most effective in my experience is Turbo Retargeting.

It's on the shopify app store and free to get started. ??

After you set up retargeting, you will start driving new sales and feed facebook information through your pixel with information about your customers.

This will enhace your other campaigns because Facebook will know who to show your ad to, given the previous customers.

You should also consider doing in-depth research on your targeting. Make sure you fully understand your customer, their needs, their demo, etc. Before you jump into these prospecting campaigns.

If you show the ad to the wrong person, they will not purchase. Sounds like common knowledge but you'd be surprised how many people blindly run ads and waste money.

Hopefully you use these tips to improve your ad design and targetting. This will improve your facebook and instagram ads!

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Hi GrowthMktg,

 I tried facebook ads with my shopify website. I just got likes from many people but thats it. I didnt get sales. Do you think Instagram marketing will work for my website ?

This is my shopify store. Any feedback is appreciated.





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Instagram marketing is good but from my experience, Google and FB marketing is best.

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I have read every answer but want to say one thing that "Google ads are great if you do them right.


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Hey Kaden! What's your instagram? My store has 189,000 followers on Insta and 95% of our traffic comes from our instagram, so I think I'm pretty okay at it and could give you some insights, but there's no link to insta from your website!

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I like Instagram Ads, but I've noticed they have a slightly higher Cost Per Result (aka CPA) than Facebook or AdWords. I'm sure this will change with the Shopify/Instagram integration, but I don't have enough experience to comment on it just yet.

I personally recommend doing prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

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How do I the find right influencer for my business on Instagram ? Any idea. Thanks 

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How do I the find right influencer for my business on Instagram ?

A: See which Influencers your target followers LISTEN to..

Other tactic is to search by hashtag and see who is on top, follow that Influencer for few weeks and if you like what you see, that's your Influencer!


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" I have tried influencers and don't get an ROI back with them. " - did you realy hire them or.."outreach" free?

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template is here:
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My instagram is @islandaccessories_