Help with setting up analytics for paid ad campaigns

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Hello Shopify Community,


I am looking for some help with my marketing analytics. I have been running paid ad campaigns through Google and Facebook but I am unable to add them as sources to show me exactly how many sales have come through these campaigns in the Shopify backend.


Essentially I am trying to track conversions where the customer came from a marketing ad campaign created within Facebook or Google. I went back and forth with both Shopify and Meta's support teams (haven't even bothered with Google yet) and according to Meta's Pixel and Advertising support team, the issue is with the pixel, and they claim only a web developer team can help sort this out. They mentioned 4 parameters that must be edited in the code to get it to work properly. Shopify insists I have to talk to one of their web developer partners, which means paying to fix a problem that is no fault of my own and that really shouldn't be an issue in the first place. 


Just wanted to see if anyone can help me get this sorted without having to bite the bullet and pay up. Many thanks in advance!!


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I totally understand the frustration of dealing with support issues, especially when it comes to something as tricky as pixels. It can feel like you're going in circles. Sometimes, bringing in an expert might be the lesser of two evils, given how complex these problems can get.
However! Before you decide to go down that route, there's a no-cost strategy you could try. Consider inputting your current code along with the parameters into ChatGPT. It's surprisingly adept at diagnosing and potentially fixing code issues. This might offer a solution that allows you to proceed without further assistance.
If that fails, you'll probably need to hire a consultant (like Nextipedia) for further assistance. 
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Hi there,


Thanks for your response. Would you be willing to hop on a call to discuss this matter further? I haven't gotten very far with Shopify's support team.