Hey please can I get tips for Marketing ?

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Hope you all well.

So here our web page : oxalis-us.com --- Can you please advise what we can do to make this web site more sellable ? 

We invest a lot into marketing (facebook ads mostly) we have about 100 visitors from facebook ads conversion and from this 100 visitors we have approximately 20-40 add to cart and at the end of day only 2 sales. Thats really sad we just stuck and not sure what to do in this situation. If someone has some similar issues please HELP !

A little info about our facebook ads : example that we show below it's date from 3 days (it's new one we was run advertisement for 2 month and here example of newest one)of running facebook ads 50$ per day. As you see we have great CTR for conversion, CPC normal 0.63 c per user. A LOT Adds to cart and almost zero results PLEASE HELP WITH ADVISE !!!!! 

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About us : we are pretty old company from Czech Republic and just start business in US. Also we distribut and have store in different countries. We have our own product it's coffee & tea. For US market we choose over 100 product that has the most sales. 

So by this moment we try facebook ads for 2 month and 2 times change web design. PLEASE if anyone know what we doing wrong show us this mistakes. 

Thank you and Best Regards,
George Dimitrov

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Hi @GeoregDimitrov 

Cause there are many add-to-carts but low sales so I would like to recommend reading this article: Strategies & Tips to Get More Sales on Shopify to help increase sales.

Also, this app: AVADA abandoned cart email marketing would be useful for you in this case. Below are some highlight features of the app:

  • Auto send emails to remind customers to recover their carts
  • Send a warm welcome to new subscribers and convert them into buyers. Follow up when someone unsubscribes your store and make them go back with appealing offers.
  • Send order confirmation, shipment confirmation, return email, and PDF Invoice email.
  • Motivate first-time purchasers to buy more related products or higher-end items with appealing promotions and offers.
  • Include SMS into any campaign type above just like an email. Also, you can send mass SMS to promote your campaigns.
  • Send emails to the target audiences with segmentation functions. Classify your contact list into different groups based on various conditions such as subscribe/unsubscribe, order status, product attribute, etc.
  • Personalize customer experiences by tailoring them into appropriate email flows. For instance, high-value abandoned carts will receive an email with a discount code instead of normal reminder emails for low-value abandoned carts.
  • Create emails instantly without technical or design skills. All you need to do is drag and drop different elements into email content (include coupons, social buttons, etc.)
  • No need to spend hours making an email, think of what to say to persuade your customers. You can apply our pre-written email templates (single email or 3 email series) for every campaign.

Hope it helps!

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Except for a few odd cases, I'd say that Google Ads will outperform Facebook Ads every time. Have you tried them? 

If you choose to run Google Ads, you'll have to choose whether to run Google Search Ads or Google Shopping Ads. I actually prefer to use Google Search Ads because if you use the right tools, you have more control over who sees your ad and can control your budget more easily. 

Use Aori to quickly create keywords out of your product feed for your Google Search Ads, and then use Unbounce to personalize your landing page. This combination is a winner!

Also you can use logrocket to track how people behave on your website when they click on a Google Ads. It's a lot more valuable than going through Google Analytics and seeing what pages they bounced off of.

Good luck!




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Here are the tips by which you can improve your Facebook ads 

  • Define your conversion event. 
  • Create eye-catching visuals.
  • Keep destination front of mind.
  • Keep copies short and sweet. 
  • Broaden your audience. 
  • Include a direct call-to-action.
  • Optimize for conversions. 
  • Track across multiple devices
  • Choose the right ad format.
  • Consider link click optimization
  • Convert your analytics into insights


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hi @GeoregDimitrov 

Try targeting lookalike of your past purchasers, this way you optimize campaign to find people with closest resemblance to people most likely to convert on your store. If you have significant abandoned cart, try retargeting campaigns. Most of sales for our clients comes in with this campaign. Try running prospecting campaigns for initial 30-45 days and once you have enough conversion start retargeting

Use this campaigns, we have seen our clients getting significant part of their sales by following below strategies:

  • Cart abandoned campaigns - Show ads to people who have left cart abandoned on your store
  • Best Seller Campaigns - Show people who visited your store in the last 30 days, a carousel ad of the best seller in your store. The data is refreshed on daily basis.
  • Discounts/Sales Campaigns - Give discount coupons to your existing customers who might be interested in a product
  • Prospecting Campaigns - Find new audience which are similar to people who have visited or purchased from your store.
  • Social Media Base Campaigns- Target audience who engaged with your social media posts/ads.
  • Cross-sell /Upsell Campaigns- Cross sell or upsell products to audience who have already made a purchase from your store

You must also try this app Addyz. It will help you create branded catalogues and full funnel campaign strategies to increase your conversions and roas.

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You could try building closer relationships with your visitors/customers by using SMS marketing, for instance. For this, try Senderium app (you will find it on Shopify app store) and start building your subscribers list.

The first thing you could do is add a pop-up to your store that you can use to collect user information and offer them something valuable in return. Over time, you will have many contacts that you can conveniently contact about various offers, updates, and much more.

To get a better understanding on how you can make pop-ups work for your store and start building a subscribers list, please read our article here.

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There are different types of marketing strategy in the market. SEO is one of the best strategy for marketing. You can do it. On Page & Off Page seo are very important things.


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