High traffic but no sales

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Hi everyone,

i am new in ecom. My website has high traffic but it is not convert to sale. I am so so stressfull. Could someone pls help me out?

my website: www.rubynchloe.com.au

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Hi @Rubynchloe 

I'd recommend you read this article: Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify Store: The Complete Guide. It will tell you all about the conversion rate as well as how to optimize it.

Hope it helps!

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Hi @Rubynchloe,

There are a few questions we need to get out of the way before we can figure out why you're not making any sales. Round up the usual suspects:

1. Where do you get your traffic from? Depending on the source of your traffic, you might not have proper targeting. 

2. Who is your target market? Who is your ideal customer? If you're not sure what your target market is, you can have a look at this

3. What are your competitive advantages over other similar sites? Is there some benefit to shopping from you customers can't get elsewhere? 

4. Are you trying to build a brand or make a quick buck? Harsh as questions go, but you need to be clear on your own motivations. Ecommerce isn't (and shouldn't be) just about making a buck. That comes from providing value. 

5. What's your story? Your site tells me nothing about your business. I don't know your story, your values, and why I should care. Right now, the only way to convince someone to buy from you is by offering a lower price than your competition. This is a race to the bottom. One that has no winners. 

6. Why the Gmail email? It looks unprofessional and leaves the impression you won't be here in a month. If you don't believe in your business enough to invest in a proper email, then why should anyone bother with you? 

7. Have you performed the brand test? The brand test might reveal to you whether or not your business stands out from the crowd. And with so many options online right now, you need to stand out if you want to.. stand a chance.  

I think this enough for now. It can give you a good starting point to analyze the current state of your business. 


Kind regards,


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Hey there @Rubynchloe ! Here's what I'd like to suggest - 

1. On your homepage, there's a lot of extra space between your header menu and search bar. Try and reduce that is possible. It just spoils UI! 


2. I guess you forgot to add a favicon to your store!

If you're getting loads of traffic, then I'm sure there must be abandoned carts too? What are you doing to take care of your abandoned carts? Do try and reach out to people who have abandoned their carts and are not resuming their shopping! 

Also, add a CTA at the starting of your store - a spin wheel maybe! This way you'll be able to capture customer's email and customers will be able to grab a discount coupon/gift card or free shipping! This way you'll have a set of emails through which you can communicate! 

I'm from CedCommerce - a team of coders and marketing enthusiasts who help eCommerce entrepreneurs with store set-up and customizations! 

We'll be happy to assist you with any kind of customization; add-ons or planning out sales/marketing/social media strategy! 

As a Shopify store owner, you need to know the course of your journey !

It's going to help you throughout your time in the eCommerce! 

Ps. We're just a message away!

Wish you luck with your Shopify store journey! Cheers! .-. 

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! 😉
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Hi Mihir,

Thanks for your nice reply.

1. How can I reduce the space between header menu and search bar?

2. I just add it, thanks heaps.

I tried to run many apps on google, facebook, insta, but it seems doesnt help me convert to sale? Could you pls help me out with marketing/sales/social media strategy pls. 

I am quite stress with no sales at all!!!


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Hi Ruby,

Your store has a series of very appealing collections. everything looks nice and intimate. 

Are there customer analytics reports to learn more about the browsers' demographics? Such as location, gender, age, landing page bounce rate, conversions, view thru rate, etc. Hope you can find out the leaking points along the marketing funnel soon!

Deep analytics of the web traffic, acquisitions, conversion path could reveal the effectiveness of a marketing channel in completing conversions, assisting in conversion or initiating the conversion process, identify core strengths and guild the next step marketing strategies.

Wish you the best!



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Hi @Rubynchloe, In case you're getting traffic yet no sales, your store's navigation could be one reason why your visitors aren't changing over. Consider it like this – you're guiding a targeted audience of shoppers to a store which they presumably haven't visited previously. You have to appear to be an expert, real business