High traffic, low sales. NEED YOUR OPINION

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Hey guys,
Merry christmas to everyone. Have usual problem. I’m pretty new
On Shopify (2 months)

I have company that sells this product really good on russian speaking countries (it is very well known here) and i was put in charge of English speaking market. Run ads on facebook and instagram.

Have so far no sales but trying to think what could be wrong on my website.

Please give advice if i need to make any changes.


Best regards,

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So you say the same exact format in Russian coverts well, this doesn't?

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I am actually surpised they let you run ads on facebook, as it makes health claims.

To be brutally honest the site's content is technical enough to bore most of your Facebook users, yet not technical enought to interest the savvy reader.

Is this related the the memory of water, or is it Clorine dioxide type of thing?

Either way you put your finger on it, people don't know what it is and don't understand what it does leave alone weighting it's benefits.

In marketing you have what it's called an introvert message.

In my view what you need is, at least, testimonials of people that find it "FANTASTIC" "AWESOME" "LIFE CHANGING".... and a story, you are not telling a story.

Also last but not least you need the English needs to be proof read, because you can hear the babsukas when you read. It's good but not conversational enough, Let me know if I can be of furhter help in coordinating those different things.